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In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to a good friend of ours, Paul Eyers from Vegan Food Quest, a vegan travel blog that consistently gets listed as one of the top travel blogs of the vegan blogosphere with a particular focus on Asia, a place where they have made their home for the past 4 years. I first met Paul by accident in Singapore. Seb and I were staying at The Marriott where we were meeting up with friends and our previous travelers who had just finished a trip to Singapore. We were having breakfast and I had my coffee-to-go cup with some vegan sticker on it and Paul approached me and said he was vegan too! As soon as he told us about his blog I knew exactly who he was! Since then we’ve worked on a couple of projects together and we have become friends. It’s wonderful to have him on the podcast.

In this episode, we talk about possibly the most famous honeymoon destination of the world, the Maldives! They traveled here in 2019 and have blogged extensively on their findings from a vegan lens of course. In this podcast, you will find out about the tourism scene in The Maldives and a little bit more about three vegan-friendly ultra-luxurious resorts that you might like to put on your wish list as well as some of the attractions of visiting The Maldives.

Since we recorded this episode, Paul and his lovely partner Caryl have since moved back to the UK in light of COVID19 to the Southampton area not far from where I grew up. As such, I am sure many of his future travel plans are on pause for the time being. I definitely recommend checking out Paul’s website that he runs with his partner Caryl, Vegan Food Quest because I am sure they will be back on the road at the first available opportunity.


6:30 Intro to The Maldives and its appeal as a vegan
9:00 Tips for getting value for money when traveling to The Maldives
9:50 The three resorts that Paul visited – Some highlights
18:00 Male – the capital
19:30 What can you do at your luxury resort in The Maldives
23:50 Paul and Caryl’s future plans

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