The Top 7 Vegan Restaurants in Vietnam

1. Vegan Bánh mì- Hanoi

Planning a trip to Vietnam? We’ve got you covered for the best vegan eats. Whether you’re in Hanoi or Nha Trang, there will be something to satisfy your tastebuds.

Located in an alley, this all-vegan food cart in Hanoi is making our mouths water. They sell delicious Vietnamese Bánh mì sandwiches, Banh goi (similar to samosa), fried spring rolls, and the (sweet desserts which can be made of different types of beans, lotus seeds, agar jelly, and coconut milk).

2. Veggie Saigon – Ho Chi Minh

Veggie Saigon is the highest rated vegan restaurant in Ho Chi Minh, and for good reason. Their wide variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes aims to satisfy all types of tastebuds. The menu ranges from fresh rolls to hot pots.
As if it couldn’t get any better, you also receive a discount if you bring your own container. Environmental sustainability for the win!

3. The Fisherman – Hoi An

Despite its ironic name, there is no fish to be found at this restaurant anymore. Believe it or not, this ex-seafood restaurant is now thriving as vegan heaven. Located directly on the beach, the menu ranges from fresh juices and pancakes to savoury burgers and fries.

Delicious vegan food on the beach, what could be better?

4. An Lac Vegetarian – Hanoi

Welcome to Hanoi’s very own all-vegan buffet that will cost you less than a Starbucks latte. With 99,000 dongs (under $5 USD) you have access to fresh fruits, pho salads, mock meats, fried noodles, rice dishes and more. Reviews call it the “best all-you-can-eat buffet ever!”. But come early, as it tends to fill up with locals quickly (no wonder).

5. Vegan Zone – Hoi An

Vegan Zone is rated as the best vegan restaurant in Hoi An. Its warm and inviting atmosphere offers both plant-based and international-style dishes. It has been referred to multiple times as “vegan heaven”. They also have a strong focus on sustainability, dedicating a room upstairs for “earth-saving” activities free of charge!

6. Ans Vegetarian Cuisine – Da Nang

The top vegetarian restaurant in Da Nang with vegan options is clearly labelled. Not a fully vegan restaurant, but it’s worth an honourable mention.

7. Au Lac Chay – Nha Trang

Delicious vegan food is located in Nha Trang. Most dishes are under $1 USD. There is no menu, instead, there are daily specials. Although locals and tourists don’t seem to mind!

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