• This trip was great! I have traveled extensively and am very familiar with French culture so was apprehensive about a group tour. No need! The quality of the places, food and guides were amazing. This trip nailed not only ease of travel, luxury but really did an incredible job representing and exploring French / Alsatian food and culture from a vegan perspective.

    Joyful Vegan Alsace 2018
  • ​I came here because I’m an activist. I needed a respite from all that and I definitely found that with this group of individuals here. Getting to know them has been pretty incredible.

    Joyful Thailand Trip 2017 & Joyful Rwanda 2019
  • I feel like I found the spirit of Christmas that was missing inside of me.

    Joyful Vegan Alsace 2018
  • It was a life-changing experience. If you want to do something that will change your life, go on one of these trips. Colleen you’ve got some great friends who did a super job, outstanding. We couldn’t ask for anything to be done any better.

    Joyful Thailand Trip 2017 & Joyful Rwanda 2019
  • I’m thankful to be surrounded by such beauty, the animals the culture and the locals we’ve met. I’m thankful for the beauty I’ve found in the friendships that I’ve made. Thank you for the opportunity to experience this amazing trip!

    Joyful Thailand Trip 2017 & Joyful Rwanda 2019
  • I’ve travelled on luxury adventure tours before but never one that was vegan. What a huge difference it meant to be with people who share my values. This wonderful sense of community PLUS the quality of experiences, accommodation and food made this Vietnam trip absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait for my next Joyful Vegan Trip.

    Joyful Vietnam 2018
  • The food has been awesome and I know that has a lot to do with the tour because when we were (on our own) we weren’t finding that kind of food. If you’re not sure about doing the trip, do the trip!

    Joyful Vietnam 2018 & Joyful Rwanda 2019
  • Thank you Colleen for bringing this in to existence and being the cog in the wheel that brought us together. My cup runneth over right now. My heart’s full of joy!

    Joyful Thailand 2017

Vegans are ecstatic!

Here are a few testimonials from our travelers on past trips.  Yes, they do make us blush!

For more video testimonials, as well as clips taken on our trips, please visit & subscribe to our YouTube channel

Kimberly- WVT Botswana & Cape Town 2022
"This trip was life-changing for me"
Mike & Sherry - Joyful Vegan Tuscany 2022
"It exceeded my wildest expectations!!"
Ritika - Joyful Vegan Tuscany - 2022
"Do it! Don't hesitate!"
Karen - WVT Botswana & Cape Town 2022
"It is always fun to hang out with people that think like you do"
Jim- Joyful Vegan Tuscany 2022
"There's no reason not to do it. There's every reason to do it."
Jim- Joyful Vegan Tuscany 2022
"There's no reason not to do it. There's every reason to do it."
Carole - Joyful Vegan Tuscany 2021
"It's ruined me on going on any other trip with another company!"
Delfina - Joyful Vegan Rwanda 2019
"I actually saw gorillas today!"
Jeff - Joyful Vegan Rwanda 2019
"This has just been the most amazing experience"
Bailey - Joyful Vegan Alsace 2018
"This whole trip has not disappointed. Everything is great!"
Christine- Joyful Vegan Alsace 2018
"Nobody will believe me when I tell them". in reference to our Paris-at-night activity.
Christine- Joyful Vegan Alsace 2018
"I’m looking forward to going on your website so I can see what I can sign up for as each Joyful Vegan Trip leaves me wanting more!"
Lynda - Joyful Vietnam 2018
​"Everything we've done with the animals has been absolutely incredible."
Jeanna - Joyful Vietnam 2018
​"It doesn't matter if you are [traveling] with somebody or not. You guys went above and beyond to make sure that everyone was well included.'
Deb - Joyful Thailand 2017
"It's more than I ever could have dreamed of and I've made new lifelong friends."

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