# 4 | Visiting Phnom Penh as a vegan | Adelle Goodman

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Show Notes

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Adelle Goodman, from Ardor SEO. She has been living in Phnom Penh for the last few months and she will be sharing some tips for travel in this beautiful country and also some must-sees and also the must-eats! If you know someone traveling here, feel free to send them this podcast of the blog post for it so they can take advantage of all Adelle’s knowledge.


3:25 Adelle’s vegan story and journey to Cambodia
5:39 How to get around Phnom Penh
6:25 Adelle’s favorite restaurants in Phnom Penh
9:15 State of animal protection
12.22 Talking to Cambodian people
16:26 Cambodian genocide
20:00 Meeting and helping animals in Cambodia
23:40 Adelle’s 24 hours in Phnom Penh

Learn more about what we talk about

How to get around Phnom Penh
Sacred Lotus Restaurant and homestay
Bong Bonlai and hotel
Masala Dosa Street Kitchen
11 1 kitchen
Ministry of Cat – Cat Cafe
Losing and saving face

First, they killed my father book
S21 also known as Tuol Sleng
The Killing Fields
Elephant riding no longer at Angkor Wat
Elephant Protection near Angkor Wat with volunteer opportunities
Elephant projects in Vietnam – Guardian report
Ethical Elephant Tours in Vietnam
Russian market
Vegan food guide to Kampot courtesy of Vegan Food Quest
Ko Rong guide

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