#2 | Vegan Retreats for the Mind Body and Soul | Cristina Azárate

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Show Notes

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking about Cristina from Olive Retreats. This multi-lingual, spiritual and mindful person shares the story behind her 100% vegan retreats which focus not only on food but work on the body, mind, and soul. This passionate vegan shares what her retreats are like and the results that her vegan and nonvegan guests experience. We think you will want to check out her retreats in Spain and Thailand.


3:30: What are Olive Retreats – What’s their mission?
4:23  What they do
5:46: Prana Pods
8:55 Inspiration for Olive Retreats
12:15: What people can expect on their retreats
14:30: Spiritual aspects of Olive retreats
16:00: Inspiring nonvegans to try the vegan lifestyle through their retreats
21:00: The location of the retreat in Thailand
21:40: Detoxing over a period of 7 days
23:00: Staying at Olive Retreats without attending the retreat
23:35: Their Spanish retreats
25:00 Times of their retreats
25:36: Future plans
27:50: Cristina’s book
30:00: Cristina’s health journey
33:00: Cristina’s last wise words

Places we talk about

Olive Retreats
​Pak Nam Pran in Thailand

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