# 10 | Luxury Vegan Hotels in Italy | Josh Thomas

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Show Notes

I am very excited to introduce you to Josh Thomas, the operations manager of two beautiful vegan luxury hotels in the Italian countryside. I can’t remember how I stumbled across these places, but I am so pleased I did because they are doing such amazing things. I predict after listening to what Josh has to say and having a look at their website, you will want to stay here if you are in the popular area of Tuscany and if you don’t know much about South Tyrol then we predict it will go fairly high up the top of your list!


8:45 Josh’s story and his role in Agrivllia I Pini
9:30 Description of the Agrivilla I Pini, their hotel in Tuscany
13:28 Food in Agrivilla I Pini
18:00 Things to do and see in and around the hotel
23:15 Location of La Vimea hotel
28:40 Food in La Vimea
30:48 Clientele of La Vimea
31:20 Things to do around La Vimea in South Tyrol
32:45 Facilities in La Vimea
34.05 Story behind the hotel
39:07 Connect with the hotels and how to book

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