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# 17 | How to be culturally literate when you travel | It’s Bree and Ben

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In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Bree and Ben from the vegan travel blog ‘It’s Bree and Ben’. Bree and Ben blog about kind travel. Originally from California, they packed up everything in 2017 and did an epic road trip across the length of Canada! Since then, they have done some really fun trips in the US and they document their trips and inspiration for vegan travel for their readers and have a lot of informative posts as well as some destination guides. Their mission is to promote kind travel. Of course, veganism is a part of that but they also talk about how to just be kinder when traveling from an environmental perspective but also culturally literate too which is a great term to define a big part of what we talk about.

Some photos from Squamish

In the intro to the podcast, I talk about my new home in Squamish, BC in Canada. I want to share some with you here!


12:47 What is mass tourism in national parks?
22:25 Mass tourism in cities.
30:50 Ways we can be more responsible.
34:00 Ways to reduce waste when traveling
50:25 Ways to be more culturally sensitive
44:00 When shouldn’t you take pictures of people

Places we talk about

Skunk Cabbage
Bryce Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon National Park
Yosemite National Park
Crisis in our national parks: how tourists are loving nature to death
Airbnb Situation in Greek Islands
Airbnb situation in NYC
Zero-Waste Eco-Friendly Road Trip: Top 10 … – It’s Bree and Ben
Dos and Don’t at National Parks
The waste problem at America’s National Parks
How to be a good Airbnb guest
How to get the perfect photo
How over-tourism is affecting our national parks

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