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As a company whose job it is to travel all over the world and have adventures, we’ve always got a few stories to share.  Every year we’re release new trips, breaking new ground and partnering with causes close to our hearts.

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Company background

World Vegan Travel was founded by life-and-travel partners Sebastien and Brighde, two nomads who have worked and lived in southeast Asia for over 12 years and outside the countries of their birth for more than 20 years. With backgrounds in tour leading and film and TV production, they spend at least three months each year traveling the world to find new and exciting destinations for vegans to experience.

We run luxury vegan group tours to a number of exciting destinations around the world. We take our travelers on luxurious vacations around the world where they can truly take a holiday from being vegan in a non-vegan world. Our trips are often one-off and are usually between 8-12 days long and offer very high standards of accommodations and activities as well activities that are especially appealing to vegans like visits to sanctuaries.

Press Releases

Frequently Asked Questions

How many trips and travelers do you have?

It depends on each year’s offerings.  As our trips are heavily catered for and organized, so we don’t have a default number of trips that we try to aim for.  

Our trips usually have between 14 and 28 travelers, depending on the destination.  At a maximum, like Alsace (France), the bigger groups are because we fill up an entire hotel.  Others, like Tuscany (Italy) are more intimate, with a maximum of 14 travelers.

We started with just one trip in 2017 and have more or less added one trip per year since.  In 2019, for example, we ran 4 trips and had over 150 travelers in total.


Which destinations do you go to?

As of 2021, we have run trips to Thailand, Vietnam, Rwanda and France.  We are planning on running trips to South Africa, Botswana, Italy and a new region of France in 2021,  and hope to add Japan and Cambodia to our portfolio in 2022.

You can check out our current destinations here.

Who are your travelers?

Our travelers are usually from North America with about 60% being middle aged or older. Unless we make an exception, all our travelers are 16 years old minimum.

They come from different backgrounds.  Most of our travelers are vegans.  Our non vegan travelers are usually a spouse or a friend of one of our vegan travelers. Non-vegan travelers are very welcome to join us.

Who runs the trips?

Brighde and Seb run each and every trip.  We also often collaborate with a famous vegan celeb as a host. We use the services of local partners and guides to share their local knowledge and expertise with our travelers.

How do you make the trips vegan?

We work very hard for many months in the lead up to the trip. We ask the hotel if they are excited about this opportunity to go vegan for our travelers and then we work together to create a menu that is varied and fun for our travelers.  We show hotels and restaurants what vegan products are available in the region and teach them substitutions for non vegan products so our traveler can enjoy the traditional foods from the region, except made vegan!

Where can I get your logos?

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