How can I see how many spots are left and what types of rooms are still available?

When you click on the book now button, another window will pop up. You then can see what types of rooms are available and also how many travelers that are left in each category.

I’m trying to book but I need to open a Wetravel account to pay the sign up fee. What is Wetravel?

Wetravel is our payment platform. It’s especially designed for multi-day tour operators to securely receive and refund money with few fees. You will need to set up a Wetravel account when you sign up and pay a deposit.  Wetravel will also send emails to you to collect subsequent payments.

You can also leave feedback about your trip on Wetravel. You can check our reviews here.

I’m a solo traveler. Will I be the only solo traveler on the trip?

It is highly unlikely you’ll be the only solo traveler on a trip. In 2022, solo travelers made up 26.44% of our travelers, with 57.47% traveling with their significant other and 16.09% traveling with a friend or other family member.

We’ve noticed that our travelers who are traveling with a significant other or friend still make an effort to spend time with everyone else and enjoy getting to know everyone. 

I am a solo traveler wanting my own room. Why do I need to pay a single supplement and why are there a limited number of single rooms?

This really comes down to hotels rather than us. Hotel rooms are usually sold per room rather than per person. That means that the accommodation costs are split by two if two people are sharing a room, and if it is just one person, they have to pay the whole room.

Accommodation is a large cost of a trip which is why we need to have a single supplement. If we are staying at a small hotel with a small number of rooms, we might need to predict the number of solo rooms and make the price based on that which is why we might sell out of single rooms.

I’m a solo traveler but I would be happy to share a room. Can you find me a roommate?

We can try, although there is no guarantee we will be successful.  You can let us know when you book your spot — with the single supplement — that you would like to find a roommate.  We will then ask the current and future solo sign-ups if they’d like to share. If yes, we will put you both in contact to see if you’re a good fit.

If we are able to find you a roommate, then we will refund the single supplement to you or credit it towards the cost of subsequent payments.

Before you ask us to find a roommate please ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do I wake very easily?
  • Do I have a tendency to be impatient with others?
  • Am I an introvert? 
  • Do I snore? 
  • Do I wake up really early or stay up really late?
  • Does my hotel room usually end up being  a mess?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then sharing a room is probably not a good idea for you and your roommate. If you and your roommate spend a couple of nights in a room and things aren’t going well, there is no guarantee that we can find you another room even if you are prepared to pay extra to get a good night’s sleep. 

If you are a solo traveler and you REALLY want to join one of our trips but you really don’t want to pay the single supplement, send us an email. We might have someone who is looking to save some money by sharing with you!

I’m not 100% vegan. Am I still welcome?

Of course! We recognise that people are on different stages of their journey. However, this is a vegan trip and we ask that you kindly refrain from eating non plant-based food around the group. A vegan trip is also not the time nor the place to debate vegan travelers on their lifestyle choices.

Why are your trips on the more expensive side?

We know that our trips are certainly on the pricier side and outside of some people’s budgets. However, when you compare us to other companies who are offering a similar type of service, accommodation styles, etc., then our trips are quite competitive!  For example, Abercrombie and Kent’s Rwanda trip is almost the same price as our 2022 trip and they are even staying at the same hotels as our trip, but our trip was 2 days longer and included the gorilla permits, extra activities and, of course, plant-based meals.

In summary:

  • we stay in very nice accommodations
  • we have two full-time tour leaders to look after you
  • we curate our trips very carefully with a vegan approach
  • we include nearly everything, from food & drinks, snacks, tippin, even a laundry day!  You’ll hardly need to open your wallet during the trip!
  • we do all of the research, planning and logistics so you don’t need to do it.

When do tours become available?

Generally speaking, our tours are available at least 12 months before the actual trip to give you lots of time. We usually announce them on social media and in our newsletter.

On our main page, you’ll also see a section of upcoming trips (Coming Soon!). These are trips that we are currently planning and working on and may not yet have exact tour dates or all the details.  You can fill in the form on the trip page “to be notified” to get early access.

How does the notification list work?

Before the trip is open to the public, we will reach out to people on the notification list and give them a few days to book first. Then we will offer it to former travelers for a few days, followed by our newsletter subscribers.  Then we go live to the public.

There are certain benefits to being on the notification list and having early access. You are more likely to get a spot, a nicer room and an early-bird price. Being on the notification list requires no commitment to join the trip on your part.

What if I have questions about the trip?

We pride ourselves on our level of communication. When a trip is confirmed, you will receive a Trip Information Document that will provide all the info you need, plus answer many of the questions you have.  We also set up a WhatsApp group to facilitate communication with us should you have a question at any time, and also provide a place to get to know your fellow travelers a bit before the trip.  This is a great place to try and hook up for a meal or an extra activity before the trip starts! 

We use this WhatsApp group during the trip to share information and keep it open after the trip so we all get to keep in touch once we’re home and dreaming of our fun adventures together.

 We also schedule a live Q&A Zoom session about 3-to-4 weeks before the trip to answer questions and see each other’s lovely faces .

And of course, we are only a quick email away!

Does Colleen Patrick-Goudreau or other hosts participate when they are hosting a trip?

Absolutely! They are travelers on this trip just like you!  They sit with you at dinner, next to you in the  bus, participate in all the activities, know your name and are really keen to get to know you! 

They also offer special activities or workshops that align with their area of expertise to add even more value to the trip. Brighde and Seb are doing all the logistics so that the host can just relax and spend lots of time with you.

I’m vegan, my traveling companion is not. Would they feel welcome on the trip?

Your non-vegan traveling companion is very welcome to join us!  In fact, about 10% of our travelers are not vegan. 

It’s important to note that these trips are for vegans to feel like they are in a vegan world (for a little while) where they are not expected to explain and defend their lifestyles!  As long as your non-companion eats only plant-based around the group and refrains from entering into a debate about vegan lifestyle choices, then all is good!


I’m about to book, but I have a food allergy, sensitivity, a special diet or a preferred way of eating. What must I do?

Our trips offer a diverse array of delectable vegan and gourmet cuisine, including vegan versions of traditional meat dishes as well as plant-based meats and other processed options. However, our ability to accommodate specific food preferences or allergies is contingent upon the type of trip and the number of individuals with particular dietary requirements already booked on the trip.

If you have any specific dietary needs or food preferences, we kindly ask you to contact Brighde at [email protected] before finalizing your booking. Please provide her with detailed information about your dietary needs or preferences, and ensure you receive a written response from Brighde before finalizing your trip booking. Your cooperation and understanding in this matter are greatly appreciated.

Please note that any additional requests made after the booking has been completed might not be able to be accommodated.

I have certain food preferences, i.e. I like to avoid gluten, I don’t like tofu, I don’t like meat substitutes, I don't like mushroom, etc. Can you accommodate this in your tours?

This really depends!  Depending on the trip, it can be difficult and cannot always accommodate this. For a set menu at a small restaurant, it might be asking the restaurant a bit too much especially if they don’t always do a vegan menu.

When we have a buffet, you would find something there. We also often have a limited-choice set menu (a choice or two or three for each choice). You’ll probably find something there as well.

We also don’t shy away from using vegan meats or cheeses, etc., especially when meat plays a big part in the local cuisine (for example in France). We want our travelers to experience all the local specialties made vegan!

I have a very serious medical condition or allergy that requires me to have a special diet or avoid certain foods? Can you accommodate this in your tours?

Depending on what you are allergic to or your medical condition, we might be able to accommodate you. It will depend on how much we will need to adapt the planned menu for everyone else. You can drop us an email and ask us.

Please know that just like when you go to a restaurant, mistakes by the chef or servers or cross-contamination could happen. If this is a concern for you, then this trip might not be for you.

I don’t eat oil, salt or refined sugar or I am SOS Free (salt, oil, sugar). Can I join your trips?

This is very hard for hotels and restaurants to do, especially for just one person.  Our trips meals are often quite “gourmet” where we try to incorporate the traditional local cuisine of the countries and regions we visit, which might include lots of olive oil in Italy or lots of vegan cheeses in France. We might have SOS free trips in the future so keep an eye out for that!

What is your approach to food?

Our approach to food really does depend on where we are going, but no matter the destination, we always endeavor to have a wide variety of dishes that are flavorful, colorful and tasty.

If we are going to a place which has a very rich culinary heritage (eg: France, Thailand or Vietnam) then we always include lots of vegan versions of numerous dishes from that cuisine so that you can experience the breadth of the cuisine (but vegan!).

In countries like France, which has a rich culinary heritage but very few accidentally vegan dishes, we will incorporate many vegan meats (from tofu to seitan to more processed vegan meats like sausages or steaks) so that you can have vegan versions of ChoucrouteTarte Flambée or Cassoulet.

In places where there is much less of a well-known and varied culinary heritage (i.e. Rwanda, South Africa, Botswana), we will make sure you try some traditional local dishes and ingredients, but we will include other types of cuisine throughout our visit.  In Rwanda, for example, we often have a Mexican night as well as Asian and Mediterranean buffets.

And whatever the menu, we always include healthy and nutritious options like fresh salads.

Do you only stay in vegan hotels and eat in vegan restaurants on your tours? What about cross contamination?

Sadly, vegan hotels are still very much in the minority and in many smaller towns, there is not even a vegan restaurant to be had.  And if there is, it often only sells fast food!

We identify amazing hotels and restaurants that we think our travelers would like and once they’ve agreed to host us, we work with them to (1) ensure that they have a good understanding of the needs of a vegan group, and (2) put together a balanced, delicious and a variety of foods and drinks.

Overall, cross-contamination in a non-vegan restaurant is a possibility, but everyone is taking a lot of care to make sure all ingredients align with a vegan lifestyle. 

How vegan are your tours?

We are dedicated to accommodating the needs of vegans to the best of our ability. While we may not strictly adhere to purist principles on certain items like sugar, wine, and beer, we do proactively request vegan options whenever available.

Regarding our hotel accommodations, although we aim to exclusively stay at vegan hotels, there are instances where limited availability or capacity constraints make it challenging. Nevertheless, we make every effort to veganize our hotel stays by removing any overt animal decorations in rooms and common areas. In regions like South Africa, where animal skins are commonly used for decoration, we take steps to eliminate them whenever feasible.

Moreover, we strive to replace non-vegan items in the minibars or snacks at the hotels. Despite our best efforts, there may be rare occasions where the message isn’t effectively conveyed to the hotel staff. We understand the frustration and regret when such situations arise, and we work closely with the hotels to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Regarding items containing sugar or potentially non-vegan elements in their production, we do not insist that our non-vegan providers use certified vegan sugar or extensively check the sourcing of processed items, like candies in the room. For us, as long as there are no animal products in the ingredients list, we are fine with that.

We want to be transparent and honest with our guests. If an uncompromising level of purity in every aspect of the tour is essential to you, our vegan group tours might not fully align with your preferences.

I am sensitive to fragrances and perfumes. Can you accommodate this?

We understand and respect that some individuals have sensitivities to fragrances and perfumes. At World Vegan Travel, we are committed to creating a comfortable and inclusive experience for all our clients.

If you have a fragrance sensitivity, it’s important to note that we need this information to be specified at the time of booking. This will allow us to make appropriate arrangements to ensure your comfort throughout your journey. Unfortunately, if a fragrance sensitivity request is made just before the trip, we might not be able to accommodate it due to the time required for coordination and arrangements.

Upon receiving your request, made at the time of booking, we will make a special accommodation request to the hotels and bus companies on your behalf. While we cannot guarantee a completely fragrance-free environment due to factors beyond our control, we will do our best to ensure that your accommodations and transportation are as fragrance-free as possible.

In addition, we recommend refraining from taking advantage of the laundry day during the trip, as some detergents used by hotels can be quite fragrant. Most of the hotels we partner with, however, allow guests to open the windows for natural ventilation.

Your comfort and well-being are important to us, and we want to ensure that your travel experience is enjoyable and worry-free. If you have any specific requests or concerns regarding your fragrance sensitivity, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. We’re here to assist you and make your journey as pleasant as possible.


Do I need travel insurance to join your tours?

Yes, you must have medical coverage and emergency evacuation insurance to join the trip. Other insurances such as trip cancellation and interruption are optional but highly recommended. Quite often we have a traveler who is unable to join the trip for a myriad of reasons and if they have trip cancellation insurance (depending on the reason) they can get back non-refundable expenses.

There is a lot more to say about insurance and we encourage you to be a savvy traveler on this topic. We have written this blog post to really help you become more savvy in this topic.

Do you sell travel insurance?

Not really, but we do offer With Faye (Affiliate link) travel insurance to our travelers.

We’ve also written this blog post that will be useful for you and help you become a very savvy travel insurance shopper!

Do you sell travel services outside of your group tours for example cruises or hotel bookings?

No, we do not organize other travel services. But we do have lots of knowledge to share about travel, styles of travel and destinations, which you can listen to on our very own podcast.

You can contact Donna at Green Earth Travel (USA based) or Jason McGregor at Vegan Vacations (Canada based). They are both full service travel agents and can help vegans find amazing hotels, cruises and more.

meanwhile, we’ll take care of offering you fabulous vegan group tours to some amazing destinations!

Have you ever considered putting together a trip to Madagascar, Mongolia or Morocco?

We love your enthusiasm!  And yes, we’ve probably thought of running a trip to every country on earth 🙂

We would love to have the whole world covered with our vegan group tours, but currently we are still a small intimate company.  The owners (Seb and Brighde) not only organize the trips, they lead every one.  Each trip requires many months of work: scouting all the hotels, developing relationships with our suppliers, working with them to create amazing food, trying out restaurants, doing the activities to make sure they are fun and align with our values and making sure that everything on the trip will run smoothly.

Not only does it take time, but it also means a financial investment too. We choose destinations based on our prior knowledge of the destination, our connections there, whether we think our travelers would like it and our general excitement and passion about the destination.

Having said all that, we of course hope to increase the number of trips and destinations over time. Please don’t stop suggesting destinations and sharing ideas with us! We never considered Rwanda or Japan until people repeatedly asked us to, so you never know! Perhaps we’ll run a trip to Mongolia one day!


What extra expenses might I expect to make on top of your tours?

Our tours generally include pretty much everything you will need from the moment we meet you to the moment we say goodbye. We even include all food and drinks, guide tips and even a laundry day because we believe that our travelers should not have to worry about having the right change or wonder how much to tip when they are on the trip.  That’s our job!

We do not include flights to the meeting point or travel insurance and premium drinks. The inclusions and exclusions are clearly listed on the trip’s webpage.

What are the demographics of your tours? How many solos, couples, age ranges?

We have done an analysis of our 2022 travelers. Here’s some info about them: 

  • Traveling with significant other 57.47%
  • Traveling with a friend or other family member 16.09%
  • Solo traveler 26.44%
  • Our oldest traveler was 71
  • Our youngest traveler was 26
  • Average age of traveler was 53
  • Average group size 15
  • Largest group size 23
  • Non vegans 9%

WVT demographics 2022

Do Brighde and Seb come on the trips?

Oh yes, we come on all trips!  And because we do, we make sure they are a lot of fun and amazing value.  And that the food is the best in the world! 

We know the trip inside out and have put the trip together especially for vegans.  We know what you are all looking for in a vegan trip and we just love getting to know you over dinner and participating in the activities.  We’re excited about each trip as you are! 

We aren’t running these trips alone though. We have lots of locals – guides, drivers, partners, local suppliers and so many other people in the destination who help make these trips a success.

How to you make the experiences vegan?

As a provider of vegan group tours, our company is committed to offering experiences that are both enjoyable and ethical. This means avoiding activities that involve the exploitation or harm of animals, such as visiting tanneries or riding elephants. Instead, we focus on visiting sanctuaries for farmed animals or specific places in the destination (e.g. a gibbon rehabilitation center in Thailand). 

We also strive to offer unique and exciting experiences that are not available to the public. This could include visiting places that aren’t open to the public, taking guided tours like of Animals Asia’s Sanctuary in Vietnam, or exploring the poop and bone lab at the Ellen DeGeneres campus in Rwanda.

In addition, we believe in the importance of connecting our travelers with the vegan and animal protection movements. To this end, we might invite speakers or activists to join us for dinner or presentations, giving our guests the opportunity to learn more about the issues facing animals around the world. An example of this is inviting Gorilla Doctors to dinner, or a local animal rights group in Strasbourg France trying to change the nutrition guidelines for school lunch programs.

How many people are typically on your group tours?

Group sizes vary depending on factors such as hotel capacity and destination considerations. For instance, our Tuscany trip accommodates a maximum of 18 people due to the limited availability of 10 rooms. In Japan, where restaurants are often small, larger group sizes can be challenging to accommodate. On average, our groups consist of approximately 16 individuals, with the largest group size to date being 25. Please refer to the top of the webpage, under the banner image, for the clearly stated minimum and maximum number of travelers.

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