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S3 Ep 10 | Hoi An, animal rescues, pigs, Minsk motorcycles, kayaking, Vietnamese tailors, the largest cave in the world – A vegan’s homeland | Catherine Besch

Introducing Catherine Besch

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Cat from Vietnam Animal Aid & Rescue or VAAR for short, and how you might want to make Hoi a destination in your next vegan travel.

We talk about a city near and dear to my heart, Hoi An, and the remarkable, and challenging work of her rescue organization and sanctuary.  You’ll be surprised at all the things we talk about in this episode and you’ll learn a lot about Vietnam and what there is to do around Hoi An. We talk about pigs, Minsk motorcycles, floods, Vietnamese tailors, kayaking, the delicious fruits of Vietnam, triathlons, the largest cave in the world Hang Son Doong or Mountain River Cave, the infamous Top Gear motoring show in Vietnam. We find out that all of this has made Hoi An Cat’s vegan homeland.  

I think you’ll want to make Hoi An a destination on your next vegan travel after listening to this episode.

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  • 0:59 Introducing Cat
  • 2:04 World Travel Summit 2022
  • 4:38 Why Cat came to Hoi An
  • 5:05 How the Vietnam Animal Aid Rescue came about
  • 6:55 The shelter & veterinary program in VAAR
  • 9:58 How VAAR lost support and needs support for new veterinary project
  • 15:47 Why everyone loves Hoi An as a Unesco world heritage destination
  • 18:54 How famous chefs make Hoi An a vegan culinary delight
  • 20:19 How the city is uniquely situated
  • 21:49 Kayaking tours through the coconut palms & river cruises
  • 23:31 Why Hoi An is so great to cycle through
  • 24:48 What kind of cuisine can you find in Hoi An
  • 35:17 The Minsk motorcycle tours
  • 42:08 Where the largest cave in the world is located
  • 45:18 When is the flood season in Hoi An
  • 47:51 More about the Minsk motorbikes
  • 49:53 How we worked on the Top Gear episodes in Vietnam
  • 54:26 How to get in touch with Cat

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