5 Vegan Must-Sees in Vietnam

Traveling to Vietnam?

Looking for meaningful experiences that align with your lifestyle choices *cough… veganism*?    You’ve arrived at the right article. Here are the five must-sees in Vietnam for vegan travelers.

1. Jacks Cat Cafe

Located in Hoi An, Jacks Cat Cafe is Central Vietnam’s first cat cafe. They home over 50 cats and ensure all of them are vet checked, spayed, neutered, and given shots. The cafe itself is hosted in a beautiful garden setting with options for coffee, tea, juices, and delicious veggie food. Admission includes a complimentary drink and all of the cat love you could imagine.

2. Animals Asia – Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre

If you haven’t heard of Animals Asia, here’s the rundown.   Animals Asia was founded 20 years ago by a wonderfully compassionate lady named Jill Robinson.  They have amazing initiatives such as trying to end the trade of dogs and cats for food, trying to end abusive zoo practices, promoting humane population management, and much more.

They also help end the bear bile trade and have rescued over 600 bears, caring for them at their award-winning bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam.  The sanctuary in Vietnam is located about two hours from Hanoi.  They are not open to the public on a daily basis but they do offer guided tours twice a month.

3. Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong National Park is Vietnam’s largest national park and one of the most important spots for biodiversity in the country.

10 minutes away from the park headquarters is an Endangered Primate Rescue centre. This center is an app project dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation of Vietnam’s endangered and majestic primates. The primates located at the center were confiscated from wildlife smugglers.   The center can be visited during the day and donations are encouraged.

4. Hang Son Doong

Welcome to the world’s largest cave. It comes in at over 200m high, 150m wide and 5km long and is millions of years old despite just being discovered in 1991. Located in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam, this cave is so big it has its own river, jungle, and climate.

You are only allowed to visit Hang Son Doong with the tour group Oxalis. They are closed during the rainy season so tours tend to sell out fast.

5. Green Viet

A Vietnamese organization that researches and educates locals about the Douc Langur. Every Sunday, they take people from the local community to see the Doucs in the wild. Their goal is to teach them to value and appreciate these amazing creatures. Although they do not have a formal tour for foreigners, they may be able to accommodate if you ask them.

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