#12 | Vegan Resorts and Retreats in Thailand and Sicily | Stefano from Kapuhala

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Show Notes

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Stefano, a high-performing athlete, and businessman who relatively recently discovered veganism firstly to enhance his athletic performance but then he discovered the other benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Since he sold his business, he has focused his efforts on opening a retreat and resort catering to everyone but especially high performers, those that are interested in moving their body, eating incredibly well, and living socially. Listen to Stefano tell us about his story, all about his hotel that is already open and ready for guests he will also tell us about his new Kapuhala that will be opening on the stunning island of Sicily. You will not want to miss Stefano’s energy and his passion in this episode.


4:25 Stefano’s story
8:30 Kapuhala Resorts and their approach, the three elements of living and the benefits of spending time at Kapurthala
13.37 Food at Kapuhala Thailand
15:17 Location of the Kapuhala Thailand hotel and the facilities and the experience travelers can expect
21.35 The pricing and setup – It’s completely flexible! You don’t need to even stay there to enjoy yourself.
23:05 The problem with buffets when traveling
28:37 Kapuhala Sicily – New Hotel coming soon
32:09 Being in a community is important

Learn more about what we talk about

The Blue Zones
The food served
Food waste from buffets
Projects to improve amount of food waste in SE Asia
Ways to improve food waste at hotels

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