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S4 Ep 18 | There’s More to Vegas than Casinos | Lance McGowan

Introducing Lance

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Lance McGowan. Lance has lived in Las Vegas for many years and he is so passionate about making connections and creating vegan community for locals and visitors. Lance has been offering several different vegan food tours of Las Vegas for several years now and today he is on the WVT podcast to discuss some reasons to go to Las Vegas OTHER than casinos and there are some really interesting places and activities that he shares with us in this episode. So, if you have only been to Las Vegas to do the casinos or the big shows, or perhaps you have dismissed Las Vegas because you thought that was all it was about, then you might want to listen in!

Time Stamps

  • 00:04:52 Introducing Lance McGowan
  • 06:39 Vegan Food Tours Break- Down
  • 11:20 Things to Do That Aren’t Gambling Or Casinos  
  • 13:20 What Mount Charleston Has To Offer
  • 16:10 Pool/Day/Night Club Tours
  • 21:30 Emerald Cave Kayaking
  • 23:30 Vegan Activism On Fremont Street
  • 25:30 Lance’s Top 3 Restaurants in Vegas
  • 28:00 Top Tips On Maximizing 24hrs in Las Vegas

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Lance’s Tours

Credit: Lance McGowan

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