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S 4 Ep 11 Oregon: The State that has Everything


In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Kathleen Gage. Kathleen Gage is a business and marketing strategist.  And the host of two podcasts shows Vegan Visibility and Plant-Based Eating for Health. Kathleen is an expert on today’s a topic which is all about Oregan and enjoying the natural beauty in this beautiful state of the USA having lived here for many years.

In her spare time, Kathleen loves to hike, run, bicycle, work in her garden, and take care of her many rescue animals on her many acres of land. With all this knowledge she is going to be sharing reasons why you should consider a trip to Oregon to really experience some natural beauty if you are considering a trip Stateside or if you are from the US, you can consider this wonderful place for your next holiday. I also want to let you know that I also appeared on Kathleen’s podcast in case you are interested in listening to that, I’ll pop that in the show notes too.


  • 9:13 Who is Kathleen Gage?
  • 11:27 Moving to Pleasent Hill, Oregon
  • 13:09 Getting out of your Comfort Zone
  • 16:00 The Hellgate Ride
  • 18:44 Outdoor Activities Precautions
  • 22:00 Hiking Recommendations
  • 23:35 Oregon Weather
  • 26:38 Mountaineering
  • 30:34 Boating
  • 32:14 Town Recommendations
  • 34:55 Favorite Vegan Eats
  • 36:26 Festivals Wildflower

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24 Nov – 3 Dec, 2024
9 Days, 8 Nights
Group size: 14-24
The absolute trip of a lifetime!
Stay in incredible 5-star resorts
Track chimpanzees and Dian Fossey’s mountain gorillas!

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