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Best Vegan City Food Tours – Europe

Ten years ago, city food tours were not really a thing. Now every city of any size has some sort of food tour BUT most of them are not vegan.

While we wait for a vegan world, we are excited to share with you some 100% vegan city food tours that exist in Europe. Yes! That’s right! Many local vegans are creating fun and interesting tours where you get to sample a wide array of the sights, sounds, and vegan food of European cities in just a couple of hours!

What are the features of a city food tour?

  • They are run privately or on an ‘on request’ type of arrangement, or they have group trips where you can just join on to a scheduled departure.
  • They will have some sort of guide. Sometimes the guide will be an official guide that has an encyclopedic knowledge of art history, architecture, and the culture of the place you are visiting, on other occasions perhaps not so much. They will probably be good storytellers and be able to manage groups well.
  • The tour will probably require to you travel around the city, probably on food, but other types of transport might be required. You might pass by important monuments and spend some time learning about the city as well as visiting many places to try different foods and specialties. Sometimes the portions will be smaller so you can fit more places in.
  • The cost of the tour includes the food that you will eat.
  • They are usually between 2-3 hours in length.
Group of about 20 smiling people posing in front of a vegan grocery store in Paris called Mon Epicerie.
Credit: World Vegan Travel

We really love vegan city food tours because:

  • We’re vegan (obviously)
  • They are really good if you love trying food from the area you are visiting.
  • Vegan city tours are fantastic if you are short of time – You’ll get to learn something about the city you are visiting and get to visit 4 or 5 different eateries.
  • They’ll get you into places that might be hard to do on your own – for example, on our France trips we worked with a vegan city tours company and they were able to set up a cheese tasting with champagne where we got to sample about 6 different cheeses (including the most amazing Brie you have ever tried)
  • Your guide is a fantastic source of information about the city. They’ll be able to recommend other amazing places to eat during your stay.

So where can you find these vegan city food tours?

Well, you can often find vegan city tours by simply searching CITY NAME + vegan food tour on your preferred search engine, you can check Instagram and social media. Alternatively, you can simply read on, because we have researched and created a list of food tours just for you for your next visit to Europe!

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We would love to keep this post updated, so as new tours open up, and others get started, make sure you let us know by contacting us and we will add it to our list.



During the “Florence History & Vegan Food Tour” offered by Fantastic Florence, you will have the unique chance of combining genuine vegan food and a historical walk through the heart of Florence with an expert guide. 

The tour will start with an espresso and a few raw vegan cookies facing the extraordinary medieval basilica of Santa Maria Novella, covered by spectacular marbles in Renaissance style. You’ll walk through the Mercato Centrale where the guest will get to know the typical unsalted Tuscan bread and the traditional focaccia (schiacciata), together with a sample of delicious truffle products and taste the dish of the day, like pasta e fagioli, ribollita, pappa al pomodoro or panzanella. You’ll also get to sample gelato. 

During the tour, guests will also walk by the most important monuments of Florence, like Santa Maria Novella Basilica, the Duomo, the Baptistery, the Bell Tower, and Signoria square. And since Tuscany is the land of Chianti wine, he’ll discover stories about little wine doors, all “dressed” with fun facts and curiosities, of course!

A picture of a Florence market with many people sitting at tables enjoying the food. There are lots of people.
Credit: Fantastic Florence

Did you know that Venice has its own tapas tradition? It’s called Cicchetti and if you get off the beaten track down Venice’s maze of streets, you will see plates of Cicchetti in the windows of bars and lots of locals standing outside socializing and enjoying the small bites of food and the conversation. Now, it will come as no surprise that these Bacari (local bars) are not known for their vegan bites. That’s where Venice Vegan Food Tours come in. They will work with some preferred bacari to make vegan versions. Meet lots of new people, be led through the maze of Venice streets, and eat delicious Cicchetti with your two vegan Venetian friends (your tour leaders) while learning about the rich culture and history of Venice. At the time of writing, there isn’t a website yet, but you can find contact details on their Facebook Page.

Two plates of vegan finger food. On each square plate is a bed of arugula, a sliced vegan spring roll and a beetroot dip. Both plates are on a wooden table. These are vegan cicchetti.
Credit: Venice Vegan Food Tours
A drone picture looking down on to Venice with the Text: Learn more about our vegan tours

Behind the Colosseum, Domus Aurea, and Trajan’s market lies Rome’s best area for gourmet street food: Rione Monti. It is a beautiful bohemian-themed urban village, famous for its artists, furniture, stunning architecture, and thriving vegan food community.

This vegan tour of the Monti area of Rome will help you uncover all the vegan food that this unique and historic area has to offer.

An exuberant local vegan guide waits for you with the warmest “Buon Giorno!” at the fountain that is in front of Basilica Papale Santa Maria Maggiore at 11:30 am. There, the fascinating tour starts. A vegan selection of attentively chosen Italian food and drinks awaits along the way at 3 of the best vegan restaurants in the neighborhood: antipasti, pasta, pizza, gelato, to name a few. Even before you realize it, the 3-hours long tour finishes alongside the Fori Imperiali. However, with your senses delighted by the finger-licking good food and the one-of-a-kind walk offered by the tour, you may continue exploring around and living “la dolce vita” in the Eternal City of Rome, on your own!

The tour lasts three hours, you’ll go to three restaurants in total, eating a selection of the house specials at each stop. There is a good balance of Italian comfort and gourmet food. Every location is hand-picked by their expert team in collaboration with the local guide.

It’s not just about the food. Your guide will explain Rome’s history and culture as you embark on this culinary journey.

The tour ends with a very very satisfied belly alongside the Fori Imperiali where you can take a breathtaking view of the Roman Empire and the Coliseo.

The Rome colosseum at sunset

Tiziana is an enthusiastic local guide in Genoa. She has guided visitors from all over the world since 2003 and she has several vegan city tours of Genoa and she loves to customize specific tours especially when photography., animals and veganism intersect.
She knows all the vegan bars and restaurants in her city and the vegan options you can find in the traditional food, which is by its nature mostly vegetarian.
During a tour with Tiziana, you will discover the highlights of Genoa, its medieval charm and its magnificent palaces, and enjoy cruelty-free vegan food. She has different tours available so make sure you check out her website for all the details

A photo taken high over the rooftops of Genoi with the sea and ther ports in the background. The buildings all have pink / organise roofs



Franck from Myste Gourmand has created a vegan city food tour with a twist! It’s also a mystery detective game. I actually spoke to Franck at length about his tour on my podcast which you can listen to here, but in essence Mystère Gourmand’ (Tasty Mystery) is a scavenger hunt that invites you to explore the history of the city as well as the cuisine of its best vegan places.

As a team, you will lead the investigation by discovering historical, and breathtaking secret places. You will learn their stories by solving the riddles you will encounter. A tasty and friendly dinner awaits you in a cozy vegan restaurant to end your adventure in style!

A picture of Paris at night taken from high with a gargoyle on the left with the text: Learn about our vegan tours to France.

Czech Republic

A picture of the old part of Prague, Czech Republic

Gary is a vegetarian and he has been running vegetarian tours in Prague for several years which travelers can book through Airbnb Experiences. At the time of writing, his tour is vegan due to the stops get makes at various bistros, cars, and restaurants. This round trip starting at Republic Square will take you wandering through the old historical city and you’ll taste soups and traditional Czech snacks before stopping for a full lunch and dessert. Gary will introduce you to the history, art, and architecture of Prague and the change in attitude towards vegetarian cuisine since the Velvet Revolution.

A quote from one of his guests said: “The tour was great! We learned a lot about the architecture and sights in Prague. Gary gave us unique insight into local culture and customs. The food was awesome and we would not have found these great restaurants on our own. I highly recommend taking this tour if you wanna have a great combination of history and food!”



Did you know that, according to some recent studies, Seville is the capital city of the tapa in Spain? and that many of those tapas are traditionally vegan? Considering these facts we would probably all agree that this city did deserve a food tour specifically designed for the many vegan foodies who come to visit it every year. 

The guides of Seville Vegan Tours are local vegans whose passion for their city and the art of tapas led them to become experts in the Andalusian vegan cuisine and Seville’s vegan scene. They will share with you interesting facts about Andalusian gastronomy, useful tips, and recommendations to help you plan the rest of your stay as well as guide you through the tapas culture to make you feel like a true Sevillian.

You will start the tour by visiting a famous local market to discover the variety of fresh veggies and fruits that grow in the lands of southern Spain, as well as the most common spices used in their kitchens. After this, you will also stop by three different spots to see how these ingredients are magically converted into different super tasty vegan tapas that you will be able to try. During the tour, you will enjoy an unbeatable view over the Guadalquivir river and you will walk through the charming narrow streets of Triana’s quarter.

A group of five people looking at the camera outside drinking beers.
Many people in Barcelona. Walking up and down La Rambas in Barcelona Spain. There are lots of overhanging trees and tables at the side with many people relaxing and enjoying the summer.

Barcelona is a magnificent city that’s certainly worth visiting. Its rich cultural heritage, exceptional architecture, and mouth-watering cuisine are some of the reasons why people are very eager to visit this vibrant city. And what’s the best way to experience all these? A vegan city food tour!

This three-hour food tour begins at the heart of the famed street of La Rambla, followed by the exploration of Barcelona’s three most iconic neighborhoods – El Raval, El Gothic, and El Borne – where you will explore and discover its historically rich culture and the wonderful vegan scene it offers.

As you admire the enchanting streets of these neighborhoods, your friendly and vegan tour guide will bring you to the four carefully hand-picked restaurants where you will experience a variety of Mediterranean cuisines enjoyed by the locals made entirely vegan! Cultural classics such as tapa, paella, patatas bravas, and other local products in their plant-based form are present to symbolize the phenomenal local cuisine of the city.

For 67 euros, you will be able to enjoy the city’s amazing culture and architecture through the vegan twist of its classic Spanish cuisines.

This tour is available in English, with a maximum of 12 people per tour. 


Madrid is a beautiful and vibrant city, bursting with life, music, history, architecture, and delicious food and drink. Why not experience all of these things at the same time, on a vegan food tour of the city?

Starting in the bustling city center, not only will you get the chance to try some mouth-watering vegan Spanish specialties but also see some of the most interesting sights in Madrid. A friendly, English-speaking tour guide will take you through the city center and up to the Chueca district, taking in some of Madrid’s best landmarks and attractions on the way, while also getting the opportunity to sample plenty of the absolute best vegan food in the city.

Offering the traditional tapas, either entirely authentic or adapted for plant-based diets, you will have the opportunity to sample tried and tested Spanish delights in three plant-based restaurants loved by vegan locals and tourists alike. Be warned though: there are lots of dishes to try so keep breakfast light before going on this tour!

For €60 per adult, this three-hour tour will introduce you to traditional Spanish dishes and local produce in a plant-based and cruelty-free form, proving you don’t need to eat animal products to enjoy the best food and drink Madrid has to offer!

vegan city food tour guide sharing her knowledge about Madrid to her guests out on the streets.



Imagine going for a walking tour on the streets of Plaka, the oldest neighborhood underneath the ever so famous Acropolis, the ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens, Greece. To that, add a little bit of humor, oddness, creativity, and a mix of tradition and innovation by Ariana and Frank, the guides of your tour.

As you’ve been walking through the narrow streets for a while, you must be hungry by now. Are you happily vegan? Worry not! There is a vegan side to Athens, and you are in the best company of Ariana and Frank from Vegan Food Tours Athens. They know all the hidden vegan gems of the area, where traditional Greek recipes of moussaka or pastitsio, kebab gyros souvlaki, Greek salad, or ice cream are 101% vegan.

Imagine no more! Such a surreal tour is real and awaiting you to come on board “The Vegan Food Tour Athens”. So are the guides, Ariana and Frank, the keepers of all the vegan secrets of Athens, waiting to take you for a two hours walk on one of their lip-smacking vegan food tours, which include all of the above and more, for just about 45 – 55 euros or so!

They offer two city tours:

  • Athens Secret Vegan Food Tour
  • Death By Chocolate – Vegan Dessert Tour
Woman with red hair eating a vegan chocolate dessert

The Netherlands


Discover the most beautiful city of The Netherlands while tasting delicious vegan treats with the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht is a guided tour in Utrecht. During the 6 km classic walking tour, your guide takes you past the iconic Dom Tower, you will set foot in the ancient wharves of the city canals, discover why ‘soft opening’ doesn’t translate to Dutch, and learn about the longest street poem in the world. You will try a local specialty called bitter balls, taste the best falafel you’ve ever had, get some surprisingly delicious sweet treats, and much more! Do you want to feel like a real Dutchie? Hop on a bicycle and join their vegan cycling tour in the outer parts of Utrecht. You will pedal along the longest city park in the country, get a peek of the famous Rietveld Schröder House and take in some fresh air in the beautiful nature park Amelisweerd. Getting hungry from all that exercise? We’ve got you covered. What about the perfect cinnamon roll, finger-licking buffalo wings, and a traditional Dutch ‘hairdresser’ for dinner? Tours in English are available.

A group of three people (two women and one man)  sitting outside a small restaurant on a bench. The weather is cool. There is a low table with a bowl of sweet potato fries and tomatoes all. vegan
©Vegan Food Tour Utrecht (used with permission)

The Amsterdam Vegan Food Tour will give you a taste of the Dutch culture while experiencing the colorful streets in a cozy neighborhood with a local guide and delicious food.

Throughout this little 2 km long adventure in Oud-West, you will enjoy the taste of 4 plant-based restaurants, each unique in its own way. Ranging from Holland’s iconic “bitter balls” to “weed burgers”, you will leave this place pleasantly surprised.

A sunny day in Amsterdam. The iconic Amsterdam houses in front of the canal with a reflection in the water. Bikes leaned on the rail.


Camden Town

This northwestern district of London is well known for its eclectic Camden Market, a place bursting with popular culture, the arts, and most importantly for us – street food. Whilst other vegan food tours try to strike a balance between refined nibbles and fast food, the Camden tour goes a step further and encourages us to immerse ourselves entirely in its vast selection of plant-based street bites. From vegan fried chicken to nachos, what better way to spend the day than a walk through this vibrant area surrounded by luscious food.

The adventure begins in typical London style with The Camden Town Tube Station serving as a starting point for the 3-hour tour. The tour itself provides us with a chance to soak in Camden’s unparalleled atmosphere, including a vast selection of unique shops and alternative styles. And at the end of the tour, why not take the chance to visit Primrose Hill, a mere 10 minutes away from Camden Market. Commonly regarded as one of the best views in Northern London, Primrose Hill serves as an escape from the surrounding urban commotion whilst simultaneously providing a great vantage point on the UK’s capital.

The adult tickets cost €47 each, with the youth and child tickets being cheaper at €37 and €25 respectively.

Overlooking Camden Market London with the canal in the background. Everyone is eating.

Shoreditch is a hip neighborhood full of funky art, offering an eclectic dining scene, trendy restaurants, artisan coffee shops, and noodle bars. What better way to enjoy all these experiences than to take a “vegan food tour”!

The 3-hour walking tour begins just outside Old Street Station. You will meet a friendly local vegan guide at subway exit 1 and continue through the bustling streets of Shoreditch. Stroll through the iconic street art pieces by renowned artists like Banksy, Bambi, and more. Take in London’s signature feeling of vintage and tradition while enjoying London’s finest vegan food.

The Shoreditch Vegan Food Tour includes flavorsome dishes and drinks from four hand-picked restaurants to ensure you get the best experience. Each stop offers a unique food experience with different specialties that your taste buds will thank you for! The specialties are offered through smaller “tapas-style” bites, leaving you feeling full at the end of this tour.

Enjoy the city’s rich culture, world-famous art, and delicious vegan food through a fun-filled tour for 70€ (adults), 47€ (youth), 23€ (child) & free for infants. The tour is available in English for a maximum of 12 people. Bring those cozy shoes, famished stomachs, and enjoy local vegan delicacies that would leave you wanting more.

A picture of a london midsize london Georgian building with street art across the whole building.

Liverpool is a small city that punches above its weight, well known Internationally as the birthplace of The Beatles. It is also home to two premier league Football Clubs, several art galleries, stunning architecture, and extensive maritime history. It is also becoming known as a foodie city where vegans are well catered for.

BeatRoute Liverpool Vegan Tours combines a love of all things vegan with a love of Liverpool. Visiting local independent eateries that are as passionate about food as you are. You’ll taste a variety of foods which could include Poached V-eggs, Chaat Bombs, or Raw Cake. And as life is all about balance, there will be sweet and savory dishes to try. Some healthy and some indulgent! 

Five people standing inside a chocolate shop samping some of the chocolates. One of the men is holding a box with the chocolates.
Credit: Beatroute

Beatroute currently runs two tours:

The Brunch Tour serves up breakfast favorites around The Albert Dock,  the largest group of Grade 1 listed buildings in Britain. 

The afternoon tour is a leisurely walk around the popular Ropewalks area. Complete with its independent shops and vibrant restaurant and bar scene.

As you wander through historical streets, you will learn a little about Liverpool’s history. You will also hear plenty of quirky facts that even many locals do not know. And of course, you will stop often to try delicious local vegan food with a friendly vegan guide.


Manchester is a thriving, ever-changing city. Birthplace of the modern world and home to some of the best bands and teams there’s ever been. 

Two men holding a vegan kebab with tomato and mustard in a vegan restaurant. Behind the two men, there are several tables of people also eating. In the background is a very brightly coloured wall.
Credit: Manchester Bites

The Vegan Manchester tour takes you from the heart of the city center to Manchester’s hip Northern Quarter and into the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, Ancoats. 

The tour takes in 6 locally-run vegan businesses where each place showcases its best dishes. Each dish tells a story about Manchester and the people that call it home. From a hidden ice cream shop to a family-run Indian cafe, each of the eateries has been chosen to give guests the best selection of food that Mancunians have loved for years. 

Along the way, our tour tells the story of Manchester. From the early Roman settlement, through the Industrial Revolution to today’s modern-day metropolis.


Are you vegan and looking for something fun to do for the day, away from England’s buzzing capital, yet not too far away? Look no further than “London by the sea”, as the city of Brighton is often referred to, and the Vegan Food Tour Brighton.

Brighton is less than 1.5 hours away from London, by train. Whether you catch the train from London Victoria Station or St. Pancras Station, in less than 1.5 hours you’ll be at Brighton Station. Meet the guide of “Vegan Food Tour Brighton” right outside the main entrance of the station and prepare yourself to embark on a culinary journey that is set to please your taste buds with the most appetizing vegan versions of fish and chips, Sunday roast, meat pies as well as falafel, Indian street food, sushi, scones, chocolates, homemade food and more. Expect the unexpected, as the tour offers a minimum of 4 tasters that are never the same!

A visit to Brighton’s landmarks, must-sees, and hidden gems is included in the tour and you will also get to know some of Brighton’s iconic organic shops and why they are so popular, of course!

The tour covers a distance of 2 to 5 km, so please put some comfy shoes on and allow this vegan food tour to “Brighton” (we beg you pardon… we meant “brighten”) at least 2-3 hours of your day!

Taken from Brighton pebbly beach at dusk looking up at Brighton Palace pier all lit up.



As the largest city of Germany in both area and population, Berlin never disappoints to provide a marvelous experience. Berlin is known for its numerous cultural areas throughout the city. It is widely known for being on the cutting edge in music, dance, art, and most importantly its local vegan cuisines. If these are all of interest to you, then let Berlin’s Vegan Fork and Walk tour take you on an unforgettable tour to stimulate both your mind and your taste buds.

In spite of the fact that Berlin has a wide selection of delicious vegan eats throughout the city, it can be difficult to know which places to visit if it is your first time. Instead of wasting your precious hours in the capital googling, book a tour and catch a taste of everything Berlin has to offer in the local vegan circuit on the Fork and Walk tour.

The Berlin Fork and Walk will not only fill your stomach but also fill your mind with cultural street art, and stories of Turkish immigration.

The Berlin Fork and Walk Tour include many different dazzling vegan dishes from various local restaurants. On this short trip, you will indulge yourself in the taste of many specialty dishes ranging from Berlin’s world-famous street food to a “Unique East German Hot Dog,” you will definitely leave this tour satisfied.

So bring some comfortable walking shoes, a big smile, and an empty stomach at 11:30 AM to Prenzlauer Berg & Kreuzberg (Balzac Coffee) Whether you’re coming alone or with a crowd, everyone is welcome with tickets starting at 70 €.

A picture of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin at dusk with a sunset



Sites and Vegan Bites operated by BeSpoke Croatia is an eclectic food walking tour that encompasses visiting the most important landmarks of Zagreb, its unique stories, learning about life for everyday city dwellers, and of course, tasting delicious vegan food along the way. During the tour, guests are accompanied by their knowledgeable local licensed guide. 

4 people (3 women, 1 man). The man is a tour guide and the women on the right is the owner of the gourmet vegan store. The other two women are listening and in front of them there are two plates of food with vegan  finger sandwiches and vegan sushi.
Credit: BeSpoke Croatia

The tour starts at Zrinjevac park, a wonderful green oasis in the city center. After the intro and historical overview of Croatia, guests visit their first eatery to try some organic and unprocessed bites. The tour continues to the main square to learn a bit more about its history and why is it the most popular meeting spot for the locals. The next stop is a small specialized shop where guests will enjoy some of the best Croatian olive oil on offer.

A visit to the market is something not to be missed and it will include tasting a local specialty, pumpkin seed oil from an organic farm from the Slavonia region. Croatians love their beer and wine so the tour will pass through a more lively area of the city center.

Before heading to the Upper Town you’ll visit one more unique vegan eatery that will provide a tasty meal comprised of wok noodles and sweet desserts.

On the way to the funicular, the storytelling will touch base with Zagreb’s medieval as well as the WW2 era. After traveling on the shortest funicular ride in the world you’ll explore the unique Upper Town. Soaking up the stories will give a great insight into Croatia’s rich but often turmoiled history.

The tour will end with a tasty lunch in one of the best vegan restaurants in Zagreb.



The vegetarian tour Stockholm 

If you’re looking for a laid-back vibe with loads to eat then this tour should be on your bucket list of Stockholm. Yes, it is vegetarian, but mention that you are vegan when booking and they will accommodate you.

This tour takes in Södermalm which is a multicultural and hip island in the central south of Stockholm, Sweden that has many vegan eateries The area is an exciting mix of neighborhood delis and cutting-edge restaurants that have great views and tasty foods.

This tour is offered by foodtours.eu and their experienced tour guides will take you and your taste buds on an exciting journey, you’ll get to understand why the Swedes are famous for their great coffee, cinnamon rolls, and multicultural vegan delicacies.

The tour lasts for about three hours and involves a maximum of 3km walking. In between this period you’ll get to admire the sea, the Gamla Stan (Old Stockholm) and so many more historic sights between the food stops.



At Budapest 101 they believe that food is connected to everything! It is defined by history, geography, society, and culture; thus telling the story of Hungarian food can tell you a lot about the country and its heritage as well. 

Every food tour includes a market visit at one of the historical market halls of Budapest, or a funky farmers market on Sunday. You will most likely taste the famous garlic lángos, a type of fried bread that is accidentally vegan. The guides are experts on local fruits, veggies, and seasonality. 

Every Budapest 101 tour is private and tailored to your interests, but on their vegan tour, you will definitely visit several vegan places in the downtown area, from an everyday self-service canteen to a proper restaurant where you could bring a date and of course, you will enjoy lots of paprika-flavored foods. Wine tasting is available on request. 

A table with different pumpkins, red currents, chard, purple beans and some jars of preserves. There is a bucket with spinach.
Credit: Budapest 101



Whether you’re visiting or living in Lisbon, the city offers beautiful places for you to visit. You can visit the Belém Tower, constructed more than 500 years ago and served as a lighthouse, prison, fortress and customs, go to the St Jorge’s Castle, which served as a fortress against the invasion of the Romans and served to store the royal family’s treasures, and maaaaaany other places. But there’s one thing that is a must for every vegan that goes to the city: a vegan food tour.

This Lisbon tour operated by Vegan Food Tours is three hours long, costs 59 euros, and will take you through some of the most delicious vegan restaurants in town. You’ll be able to taste the delicious traditional vegan “Bifana” steak sandwich, the “Chapakle” pastries, many other local vegan recipes and of course a glass of wine is included.

A friendly guide will tell you the stories of your surroundings while you taste some delicious vegan food in many different restaurants, each one with its spectacular gastronomy, that will leave your mouth asking for more. And no worries if the huge amount of food available leaves you in doubt about what to eat or not, the tour provides hand-selected bites that will leave your taste buds in heaven.

On a hill looking down. The main focus of the photo is a typical yellow and white (iconic for Lisbon) tram going uphill.


If you know of a European vegan city food tour that is not listed here, please let us know! We want to make this list as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible

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