Announcing The World Vegan Travel Podcast!

HALP!! My brain is getting all confused! Since I (Brighde) started working on World Vegan Travel full time, I am now managing and trying to promote multiple platforms for social media and trying to create fun and engaging content for people who are interested in what we do! ​

Scheduling content and planning it is frankly a little confusing for my brain but I would not swap it for anything. Working with WVT is a ton of fun!​But guess what! We are about to throw another platform in the mix and now here I am writing a blog post to promote a podcast that I am creating rather than a podcast that I was on!

Arghh… I am so confused!!!! 🤯

Yes… It seems like podcasts are having  a moment and there are some absolutely incredible ones out there!

​I’ve been listening to podcasts since 2009 indeed a certain podcast actually inspired me to go vegan in the first place and I love them so much! (Read to the end to see my current favs) They keep me company in the gym, on my morning walks, while I am cooking dinner and even going to sleep. I might have a problem.

I love listening to podcasts but until recently it had never occurred to me to actually create one until someone suggested I should give it a try and I am loving it so far!

As you can imagine, Pinky is indispensable in this whole process!

So… the first episode will be released on Sunday 1st December and it will be an interview with Alice Barousse from Vegan Food Tours France!

So, what’s the lowdown on The World Vegan Travel Podcast (that’s the name)

  • The first season will focus on interviews. We will have 10 episodes (hopefully)
  • We will be sharing travel experiences of vegans to inspire you to explore the world around you.
  • We will be shining a light on vegan travel experiences – think that lovely vegan hotel that you have never heard of.
  • Vegan travel experts will be sharing their tips and tricks on traveling the world – did you know that people actually travel the world through pet sitting and that you can too?
  • Human, animal and environmental protection organizations that you might be interested in.

We have some fantastic guests lined up and this is just a few of them!


 So, we hope that you will go on that page and subscribe and once you have listened, then please feel free to go and leave a review if your pod-catcher allows such a thing!
If you’d like to subscribe you can check find us all the big platforms including!

​Google Podcasts

The Trailer

Podcasts I’ve recently discovered and LOVE!

Dolly Parton’s America – I had no idea about Dolly Parton. She’s absolutely charming and has become a feminist icon! Who knew! Find out about her fascinating life story!
Making Obama and Making Oprah – Similiar format to Dolly Parton’s America and they will be doing Beyonce soon! Yay!!
Finding Cleo – Heartbreaking story of a young indigenous Canadian who was adopted out of her family and the implications of this practice in Canada.
Let’s Rage Together – A podcast about Total Liberation! This podcast tells me some cold hard truths. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s needed!
The VeganAri Show – I’ ve been a fan of Ari Solomen since he used to guest appear on Our Hen House. I love the rants!

What podcasts do you recommend to your friends on top of The World Vegan Travel podcast of course!

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  1. Brighde

    Hi Christopher, Sorry for the delay. I only just saw your comment. I am, so happy you are interested in the podcast. I have submitted the podcast to Stitcher, but it can take some time for them to approve it and for it to appear on their directory. 🙂 I will reply by commenting here if/when that happens. 🙂 Thank you!

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