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S4 Ep19 | A Story of Vegan Transformation Through Travel | Todd Sinclair

Introducing Todd

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Todd Sinclair from Rebel Vegan Life. Before becoming a vegan author and activist, Todd Sinclair spent years leading travel groups in far-off places, a fitting occupation for someone who is now showing the way to a radical new approach to veganism. Todd’s journey to veganism began on a small Canadian dairy farm, and after winding his way literally around the world, he found its catalyst in a serious illness, contracted when he was thousands of miles from home. But it was during that desperate sickness – and in the loving presence of monks – that he found his healing and ultimately a new truth, by changing to a plant-based diet.  And, although his good health lasted, the rest of the planet soon became sick with something else—Covid 19. The virus soon revealed what Todd had discovered for himself. Which is that the world is not sustainable as it is, and that the vegan way of life is the only viable and realistic choice for the future.  That’s when Rebel Vegan Life was born.  Todd is fiercely committed to sounding the call for a vegan revolution, declaring that a vegan life is the only viable and realistic way forward for the future. His first three books—REBEL VEGAN LIFE:A Radical Take on Veganism for a Brave New World/ REBEL VEGAN LIFE: An Essential Plant-Based Nutrition & Survival Guide and lastly but most importantly for you our vegan travel fans: REBEL VEGAN:Ultimate Travel Guide for Plant-Based Adventures in a Brave New World – are proof of that passion.  In addition to being an activist and author, Todd also wears the labels (and apron!) of writer, podcaster, speaker, and self-taught chef. He currently calls London home and spends his leisure time searching for its hidden history.


  • 6:47: Introducing Todd Sinclair
  • 7:39 One Book Turned into Three
  • 10:44 The Lifestyle of Long-term travel while leading tours
  • 15:09 Todd’s Inspiration for going Vegan
  • 20:02  Making the Commitment to Veganism for Health
  • 24:50 Sharing His Personal Journey on Veganism with Non-Vegans 
  • 26:58 Finding the Balance Between Non-Vegans and Vegans 
  • 30:53 Life on the Road as a Vegan 
  • 34:58 How a Vegan Lifestyle Can Enhance Your Travel Experience

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