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S4 Ep 12 | 2022 Hottest Vegan Restaurants in NYC | Angela Yvonne

Introducing Angela Yvonne

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Angela Yvonne. Angela is an Entrepreneur, Host, and Producer of the brand Vegan Pop Eats and she has interviewed some very famous people such as John Salley and 50 Cent!

Vegan Pop Eats is her brand inviting people who want to be plant-based/vegan without feeling overwhelmed by it.  The purpose of her company is about educating, and showcasing the hottest vegan spaces, and trends allowing people to tell their journey to veganism as a New York resident, she is going to be sharing all of the hottest vegan places in New York. Now, we know that the vegan scene changes quickly and certainly a few places have closed down during the pandemic, but if you are planning a trip to New York and you want to try out some new places you will want to listen in and then you will want to make some reservations because these places book out! 

Also, make sure you give Angela a Yvonne follow on her social media platforms because she is so much fun to follow. We love what she is doing and we are sure you will too.


  • 6:43 Who is Angela Yvonne?
  • 14:26 Angela’s Future Vision for Vegan Pop Eats
  • 16:17 Angela’s Travel and Life Experiences
  • 20:50 Hot Vegan Hidden Gems in New York City
  • 27:47 Hot Vegan Fashion Stores
  • 30:05 New York Fabulous Farmer’s Markets
  • 32:57 Angela’s Perfect Day in New York City
  • 35: 23 New York’s NightLife
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Learn more about what we talk about

  1. Cadence: A plant-based restaurant for the Southern soul. If you are looking for a place with delicious comfort food, an amazing vibe, and superb hospitality, Cadence is the place to go. Highly mentioned in well-known newsletters, Cadence is a place that has captivated the heart of New Yorkers. Definitely, a must-stop on your upcoming trip to New York.
    • Instagram: @cadence.newyork
  • Hartbrakers: If you are in the mood for fried chicken but you are also craving a craving dish, Hartbreakers is the place to go. A plant-based restaurant that would truly captivate your heart.
    • Instagram: @hartbreakersbk
  • Screamers Pizzeria: You can never go wrong with pizza right? Screamers Pizzeria is an amazing option with a wide variety of vegan pizza flavors that would definitely hit the spot.
    • Instagram: @screamerspizzeria
  • Champs Diner: If you are in New York City and can’t decide what you want to have for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner, Champs is just for you. A 100% vegan diner, that has so many options to choose from that you won’t even know where to start. 
    • Instagram: @champsdiner
  • Terms of Endearment: Who doesn’t like to start their morning with a warm cup of coffee and a good pastry in hand? Everyone of course right! Terms of Endearment hits just the spot by serving amazing vegan pastries that would wake you right up with just one bite.
    • Instagram: @termsofendearmentbk
  • Orchard Grocer: It’s a Sunday morning and you just want to be laying in bed all day and not do anything but you still have to eat right? Orchard Grocer is your lifesaver. Serving amazing vegan sandwiches and burgers, they also offer vegan pantry items to satisfy anyone’s midnight snack cravings which can be delivered right to your house.
    • Instagram: @orchardgrocer
  • Avant Garden: An upscale restaurant with a farmhouse-chic sanctuary theme, it’s the perfect mix if you want to treat yourself to a fancy dinner for the day or even want to impress that date of yours. Superb dishes, Avant Garden is a must-stop.
    • Instagram: @avantgardennyc
  • Ladybird: It’s the weekend and you and the girls want to chill out and have a girl’s night to catch up, Ladybird will not disappoint you. An amazing environment serving vegan tapas and delicious cocktails that would make you want to stay there the whole night.
    • Instagram: @ladybird_nyc
  • Etérea: Plant-based dishes that showcase the traditions of Mexican heritage featuring an elegant cocktail bar that serves a variety of tequila and mezcal options for you to try out. 
    • Instagram: @etereany
  • Soda Club: An amazing wine club that offers more than 200 wine options from everywhere around the globe for you to choose from plus offering great pasta dishes to accompany your cup of wine.
    • Instagram: @sodaclubnyc
  • Bar Verde: A plant-based Mexican restaurant that fuses food concepts from other Latin American countries paired with organic tequila and mezcal cocktails options.
    • Instagram: @barverdenyc
  • Sestina: An authentic pasta bar-restaurant that will blow your mind away with its homemade pasta featured with an amazing sustainable wine program.
    • Instagram: @sestinapastabar
  • Double Zero: For pizza lovers, Double Zero offers exquisite and unique pizza flavors that will hit just the spot for any pizza lover.
    • Instagram: @doublezeromk
  • PLNT Burger: The vegan version of Shake Shack, this burger place is serving 100% vegan burgers which are considered the best vegan burger you will ever have. Definitely a must-go.
    • Instagram: @plntburger
  • Blossom: A very cute brunch place to enjoy with your friends and family, Blossom offers amazing fresh and delicious dishes that everyone will enjoy.
    • Instagram: @blossom.nyc
  • Beyond Sushi: Who doesn’t love a good sushi roll right? Beyond Sushi serves delicious and amazing sushi rolls for any sushi lover. An elevated restaurant that has truly mastered transforming unconventional sushi into a great vegan experience. 
    • Instagram: @beyondsuhinyc
  • Modern Love: A 100% vegan restaurant with a variety of options that you won’t even know where to start.
    • Instagram: @modernlovebrooklyn
  • Las’ Lap: Michael’s B Jordan famous bar located in the Big Apple is a great place to enjoy a wonderful and fun time with your friends.
    • Instagram: @laslapnyc
  • Mooshoes: The first-ever cruelty-free store in NYC, Mooshoes sells a variety of vegan products like shoes, bags, wallets, and many other accessories.  
    • Instagram: mooshoes_nyc
  • Smorgasburg Market: Considered the largest open-air food market in the United States, everyone comes here to try a little bit of everything and have a great time with friends and family.
    • Instagram: @smorgasburg
  • Soho: A shopping grid in New York City where you can spend a wonderful time looking at the store and maybe do some shopping yourself.

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