A woman with blond hair. TExt: S2 Ep 6 | Why & How I Quit My Job to Eat at Every Vegan Restaurant in the United States | Kristin Lajeunesse

S2 Ep 6 | Why & How I Quit My Job to Eat at Every Vegan Restaurant in the United States | Kristin Lajeunesse

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Show Notes

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Kristin Lajeunesse. Kristin was perhaps one of the first vegan travel bloggers, or at least the first one that I had ever heard of. Back in 2011, she decided to undertake the rather daunting but delicious task of visiting every single vegan restaurant in the US while living in a van. She will be talking about how her epic journey and how this trip really changed how she sees the world. If you have ever considered long-term solo travel especially as a woman, then listen to what Kristin has to say about this topic. We also touch on how this kind of travel can change your outlook on the world so please take a listen.

Kristin’s interview was one of the interviews I recorded back as COVID for an online event I was planning at that time and COVID was kicking off.  I had to edit out a couple of parts and you might notice at the end there is a bit of a big cut. We were actually making predictions about how long covid might impact travel, which of course is a little inaccurate and outdated, hence the cut. I hope it doesn’t impact too much.


03:36 Kristin’s crazy travel experience WTF Vegan Food
09:07 Van life for solo women
13:56 Continuing the adventure
19:58 How travel changed her
28:13 Kristin’s Favourite destinations

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