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S4 Ep 7 | Traveling Spain as Vegans | Be Bold and Venture

Introducing Be Bold and Venture – Dan and Emy

Woman miniature version of Sagrada Familia
Credit: Be Bold and Venture

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Dan and Emmy from the YouTube channel (and other platforms) Be Bold And Venture. Dan and Emmy are using their passion for pop culture and film to create fun and reality entertaining content that is just a cut above a lot of the vegan travel content out there. This lovely young vegan couple has just eaten their way around Spain on a long road trip and they are here to tell you all about it. Expect in this episode some fantastic Spain-specific tips and recommendations as well as some really great general recommendations to save you lots of money wherever you are in the world.


  • 3:31 Introducing Be Bold and Venture
  • 6:49 Intro to their Spain road trip
  • 17:03 Vegans doing homestays and Couchsurfing
  • 26:00 Their approach to planning
  • 32:07 Pros and cons of traveling in Spain this way
  • 35:49 Future plans
A woman standing and gesturing towards Juzcar painted blue town
Credit: Be Bold and Venture
A view of Paris at dusk with a gargoyle. Text: LEarn about our vegan tours to France

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Woman outside on a Spanish street holding Spanish vegan tortilla
Credit: Be Bold and Venture

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