# 13 | Being a Vegan in Madrid and Spain | Diana Esteban

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On today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Diana, an official tour guide and also the founder of Madrid Vegan Tours, the first and only vegan tour service in Madrid, Spain. Diana is an accredited tour guide with a huge amount of knowledge about Madrid including all of the museums, its art history and its  architecture and the fact it’s a vegan friendly destination. You will tell that Diana has so much passion and love for her city and you will want to visit Madrid after listening to this podcast.. Diana tells us about her services, issues for vegans in Spain, the state of the movement in Spain as well as what she (a local) recommends if you just have one day in Madrid. If you know someone heading to Spain at anytime, make sure you forward them this podcast. I wish I had spoken to her before our visit last September.


8:35 What is Madrid Vegan Tours and what do they offer.
14:40 All the different tours they offer.
18:30 Why professional guides are so worth it.
21:30 Madrid is more than you might expect.
24:00 How to design a perfect vegan spanish itinerary vacation.
27:40 Seeing animal organisations at work in countries that we visit.
32:00 Animal exploitation examples you need to be prepared to encounter when visiting Spain.
34:30 Rise of vegan movement in Spain.
35:30 What can you do in Madrid in 24 hours.

Places and resources we talk about

One day in Spain

Breakfast in hotel
Visit to Prado museum when it’s quieter
A Vegan Tapas Tour
Freedom Cakes 
Templo de Debod
Royal Palace

Diana’s tours

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