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S2 Ep 5 | Armchair Travel | Eunice Reyes Rated V Food

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Show Notes

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Eunice Reyes from Rated V Food. She has a beautiful YouTube channel and she is talking to us from beautiful Valencia in Spain! Eunice is a self-confessed vegan foodie and is passionate about sharing the amazing vegan food from around the world and she wants to be your tour guide. While she could talk a lot about her travels, given the current situation and the fact that it is just not safe to travel, we decided to talk about how we can scratch that travel itch that so many of us have right now. 

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We know that probably every single person listening to this is experiencing some sort of restriction right now. The news cycle might be getting to us and we might even be stuck in a bit of a rut. At the time of recording this podcast, we had not had a night away from our home since August. It’s now the end of January! This is very unusual for us. Usually, travel is a nice way for us to get out of the routine, get refreshed and renewed and as I say, this is really unusual for us. So much so, I have started doing some armchair travel, and I have chosen Italy.

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The idea for this podcast episode was inspired by a BBC Travel article that I stumbled upon just a few days ago. I will link it in the show notes of course. The story tells the reader about Luis Martinez, a Cuban bus porter who has written literally thousands of vivid poems about cities around the world, despite never leaving his homeland. From 1961 until 2014 Cuban citizens could not leave the country without permission. Luis writes with vivid detail and accuracy poems on cities and landmarks around the world as if he has actually been there. How did he do it? Well, he read books, studied old atlases and talked to tourists that he came across in his job as a bus porter and remember he did all this without the internet. As you might know, the internet was really rather slow to arrive in Cuba!  I find this story really inspiring, the idea that he was not only able to explore the world just by reading and talking with people but also managed to make a lot of beautiful poetry and I hope this episode will inspire you to travel from your armchair, choose a destination and dig deeper into it.

In this episode, Eunice and I share many different ways to get out and explore the world whether you are unable to leave the house in the case of a full lockdown, or perhaps unable to leave the country you are living in. We really hope that this will inspire you a little bit to explore this beautiful world even if you cannot physically do it.


But first, this podcast is sponsored by Brownble’s Melt Cheese course. This is such a good fit as a sponsor for today. One of the tips we share on traveling the world from home that we talk about is delving into new cuisine and here is a simply wonderful opportunity to do just that. Kim and Carlos from Brownble recently released an incredible cheese course, so if you are into world cuisine for your armchair travels then you will want to check out Kim’s course. Her course has beautiful HD videos of each recipe as well as a PDF printable of each course. Cheese can be a little bit daunting, especially if you start culturing and aging cheese and dealing with mold, but Kim has got you covered with all the troubleshooting tips and support you need. If you are interested in Italy, you might like to try the melty mozzarella and the mascarpone recipe which includes a bonus recipe of Tiramisu or perhaps if you are interested in France, you might like to try the Camembert, the Chevre (goat’s style cheese which is even in roll and covered in herbs or the fondue!  This is the ultimate online cheese course.

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01:22 My armchair travel
04:21 Melt vegan cheese course
07:38 Eunice’s travel story
17:27 Explore new cuisine in restaurants in your own town
21:01 Exploring your new cuisine in your kitchen
25:32 Check out live cooking schools.
27:48 Virtual tour guides
29:44 live music show
00:30:52 Watching TV shows
32:11 Learning a language
35:47 Virtual visits of museums
37:12 Lectures
42:21 Language
43:57 Google Arts
45:20 Podcasts

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