A woman smiling holding an apple with text: The World Vegan Travel Podcast season 4 episode 3 Madrid, Prague, Dublin and Budapest

S4 Ep 3 | Madrid, Dublin, Prague and Budapest  | Angel – A Yummy Vegan

Introducing Angel from A Yummy Vegan

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Angel, also known as A Yummy Vegan, is a vegan wellness coach, wellness author, and wellness speaker, helping you to thrive on a plant diet and lifestyle from head to toe, at home and while traveling.

Angel is the author of five books including: “A Quick Guide To Going Plant-Based Raw Vegan: 12 Tips To Get You Started” all available on Amazon.

Angel has always been internationally minded. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (French and Spanish), and a Master of Business Administration (Marketing and International Business).

After completing the Plant-Based Academy Professional Certificate Course in Plant-Based Nutrition, Lifestyle Medicine & Raw Food Mastery in Ireland, Angel is knowledgeable in educating and coaching others to thrive on a plant-based, vegan, raw vegan diet and lifestyle.

Living a holistic lifestyle is very important to her, and involves more than just her high energy plant foods diet. She also focuses on practicing powerful habits such as meditation, yoga, gratitude, self-love, self-care, aromatherapy, physical fitness, and healthy relationships, to achieve her high vibrations lifestyle. 

As a result of traveling to more than 30 countries, Angel has gained a deep appreciation for many cultures and healthy practices worldwide that have influenced her holistic wellness approach.

Angel is based in the United States and considers herself a global citizen. 

Angel is going to be talking about four destinations that are close to her heart: Budapest, Madrid, Dublin, and Prague! We’ll be talking about the vibe of each city, Angel’s experience there and her overall observations and impressions of these cities, and some amazing restaurants that you will want to visit should you happen to come to these cities. Listen in to get a little bit of Europe travel inspiration!


  • 7:29 Meet Angel
  • 10:01 Angel’s vegan story
  • 12:03 Budapest
  • 20:47 Dublin
  • 32:36 Madrid
  • 42:33 Prague
Learn more about what we talk about


  • Small number of pure vegan restaurants 
  • Several Asian restaurants offer vegan-friendly meals  
  • Edeni Vegan
  • Vegacity
Budapest architecture


  • Beautiful parks (Ivy Gardens, St. Stephen’s Green)
  • Beautiful pedestrian city center (Grafton Street)
  • Beautiful historical street sculptures (Molly Malone, Oscar Malone, Phil Lynott, The Famine Sculptures)
Two coloured doors one red and one yellow in Dublin


  • A large number of pure vegan restaurants
  • Traditional restaurants have several dishes that are “accidentally vegan”
  • Frutas Prohibidas
  • Vega 
  • Level Veggie Bistro
  • Beautiful parks (El Retiro, Temple of Debod)
  • Beautiful museums (Prado, Thyssen, CaixaForum)
  • Nice yoga studios
Madrid's skyline at dusk


  • An impressive number of pure vegan restaurants
  • Traditional restaurants have a small number of dishes that could be customized as vegan
  • Happy Bean
  • Pastva 
  • Vegan’s Prague
  • The Old City
  • The Vltava River 
  • Beautiful street sculptures (Charles Bridge, Franz Kafka)
A view of Prague at dusk

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