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S4 Ep 8 | Is Italy REALLY vegan-friendly? | Manu Venditti

Introducing Manu Venditti

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Manu Venditti from Italy Made Easy. Manu is a person whose content I have been watching consistently for a long time now, not because his work is specifically in the vegan space, but because he creates content about learning Italian! As some of you might know, language learning is something I know a little bit about as someone who has learned languages, studied language acquisition, and taught language and I am happy to tell you that Manu’s resources are absolutely top-notched.

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So, this podcast is not specifically a language learning podcast, although I have produced some episodes and blog posts connected with language learning, it’s about travel! And Manu as a vegan for sixteen years and is a born and raised Italian who is widely traveled, speaks many languages, knows how vegan-friendly Italy is, and that is what we are going to be talking about today. We’ll talk about Italian cuisine and he’ll share some thoughts and his process on how he eats incredibly well. You might be surprised to hear that he avoids vegan restaurants!


  • 4:42 Meet Manu
  • 11:48 Italy’s culinary heritage
  • 20:36 Italy’s flavorful vegetables
  • 24:47 Manu’s restaurant preference
  • 26:51 How Manu eats vegan in Italy
  • 31:03 Italian restaurant hospitality
  • 36:18 (Vegan) cheeses/meats made in Italy
  • 44:11 The benefits of learning Italian before you go

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