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S4 Ep 14 | Tennessee, more than country music | Maureen Sullivan

Introducing Maureen

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Maureen Sullivan, all the way from Tennessee. Maureen has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. Most of her clinical experience has been in Emergency and Trauma medicine.

In the past few years, she has become more focused on education. Her Irish wit and sense of humor make her a very entertaining and engaging speaker. She has done everything from individual teaching to speaking to an audience of several thousand. Her expertise is in diabetes education, stroke education and prevention, and all aspects of emergency medicine. She is also a BLS instructor and an experienced legal consultant.

Maureen has two podcasts Vegan Visions and Viewpoints and The Health and Humor Show which airs on British radion too. Maureen discovered a plant-based diet at the start of the pandemic and she has taken to it with gusto she has even written a book: ​A Cart Divided: How the pandemic saved my life with a plant-based vegan lifestyle.

Today, Maureen is going to be talking about Tennessee, her home state. As a long-time resident, she has plenty of things to share about her home, and trust us, there is more to this state than country music.

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  • 1:00- Introducing Maureen Sullivan
  • 3:45- World Vegan Travel
  • 6:15- Cooking at home
  • 9:37- Travel tourism
  • 13:08- Hosting rock and roll marathon
  • 15:30- Famous country music festival
  • 20:00- Lifestyle change
  • 24:20- Tremendous healthy options
  • 29:15- Three choices of various vegetables
  • 34:25- Tourism in Tennessee
  • 37:42- My best advice

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