# 7 | Traveling as a Vegan in Greece | Nina from Lemons and Luggage

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Show Notes

Nina is a cosmopolitan vegan traveler who has been vegan for 4 years. She was raised in Germany but has lived in Athens for nearly 6 years. She is the person behind the travel blog Lemons and Luggage. Nina’s goal is to illustrate how diverse travel can be and to offer an alternative perspective to the male-dominated travel content creators out there and write without exotification and cultural appropriation. She offers an authentic view as a progressive Muslim feminist vegan!

Nina will be talking to us today about all things Greece, how you can spend 24 hours in Athens, and the things that vegan travelers need to watch out for when they are exploring this beautiful country.

Nina sitting on a wall of a port with small boats


3:30 Nina’s vegan story
4:22 What Nina’s blog is about and her travel history
7:00 Why Nina lives in Athens
8:35 Why do people come to Greece
10:00 Ideal 2-week itinerary
11:55 How vegan-friendly is Greek food?
18:15 Nina’s favorite Greek islands and why she likes it
20:15 Keeping perspective in regards to animal exploitation when traveling and different animal exploitation specific to Greece – donkeys on islands
24:30 Factors to consider when you choose hotels on Greek islands not accessible by road are both human and non-human exploitation.
27:07 Destinations, restaurants, and accommodations vegans will be especially interested in.
31:52 Animal organizations or ways that travelers can support animal protections.
34:15 24 hours in Athens itinerary
43:20 Nina’s travel plans for 2020!
45:00 How to connect with Nina

Places we talk about

Orientalism and travel blogging
Should Travel Bloggers Be Honest? | Lemons and Luggage
Info on the issues of donkeys on the Greek Islands
Agia Marina Donkey RescueCorfu Donkey Rescue
The Donkey Sanctuary
The situation of refugees in Greece
Life in Greece sours for Albanian migrants
Vegan Hotel in Greece Angelou on Leros
Bio Hotel Mani Sonnenlink in Mani, Peloponnese (with vegan options)
Vegetarian retreat Kalikalos in Kissos
B&B: Zen Villa (with vegan options) in Schinias
Vegetarian camp: Lagadi Yurt Camping in Mani
Farmed animal Sanctuary Vrouva Farm
Organisation in Athens that help the stray cats
Vegan Guide to Greece

24 hours in Athens

Breakfast: Bamboo Vegan: The oldest vegan mini-market in Greece.
Sightsee in the morning before too hot -Video of Acropolis
SightseePlaca – Neighbourhood close to Acropolis
SightseeMonastiraki – Popular square to hang out
Changing of Guards in Athens special performance on Sundays
lunchtime Bistro – First vegan restaurant in Athens
Sightsee  Temple of Olympian Zeus (good at sunset)
Sightsee Panathenaic Stadium – marble stadium
Relax -Cultural Centre with a nice park
Relax –Lykavittos Hill – Athens Info Guide
Dinner – Avocado Athens: Vegetarian restaurant

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