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S4 Ep 13 | Travel Insurance the Basics | Amanda Hand

Introducing Amanda

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Amanda Hand. Amanda (who is a vegan) has worked in the travel insurance industry for over a decade and is a marketeer and I am so excited to have her join us on the World Vegan Travel podcast because not only does she know a lot about travel insurance but she has also spent the past 10 years communicating about travel insurance to non-insurance people so you can be sure that you will actually understand what she is talking about.

Travel insurance is not a sexy topic, but it is important that you know the basics and I really do feel like this conversation is going to help you know the basics like:

1. The different components of travel insurance
2 Why is it important
3. When is credit card insurance enough and when it isn’t
4. What about Covid 19 and war?
5.  What’s the deal with pre-existing conditions?
6. Does when I book my travel insurance matter?
7. How to assess your level of risk
8. How to get travel insurance

I personally think that this is the most important podcast we have ever released. Knowing that you have the right amount of coverage for you and your trip, is the best way to ease the possible worry that if something happens on your trip, you are going to be looked after. Listen to this podcast and listen again. You don’t need to become an insurance expert, you just have to understand the basics so you know which questions to ask yourself about what you need and what to look for in a policy. This information is so empowering.


  • 6:24 Introducing Amanda Hand
  • 7:14 What is travel Insurance and its different components?
  • 9:15 Travel cancelation and trip interruption
  • 11:28 Covid and war
  • 21:23 Cancel for any reason policies
  • 25:34 Claiming for canceled vs voucher
  • 26:51 Credit card insurance – the lowdown
  • 32:41 How can insurance partner with tour providers
  • 36:06 Pre-existing conditions and age limitations

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