podcast #20 Natacha Parmantier

#20 | Valencia for Vegans | Natacha Parmantier

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I am thrilled to have Natacha Parmentier! A mother, a polyglot, someone who has lived in many different places around the world, and also she’s a vegan business owner. She’s born French but has made Valencia her home and we will be talking about Valencia and the surrounding area in our podcast today! You’ll get the highlight of things to do and see in the area, favorite vegan restaurants, and even some accommodation options! I know Valencia will be on our list for when we go back to Spain! Like all of the podcasts for the rest of the season, they were recorded pre-COVID so perhaps Natacha’s plans are on hold. Whatever happens, make sure you connect with her so that you can see what she’s up to.


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