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On today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Sam and Veren, vegan travel bloggers and the folks behind the newly released ebook ‘Alternative Travelers House Sitting Handbook’. They’re originally from New York City and lived for 2 years in Madrid, Spain. Now, they are full time traveling digital nomads and house sitters. In their work they show that neither traveling nor eating vegan has to be expensive or difficult. They publish extensive (budget friendly) vegan guides on each place they visit and share tips and strategies on how to travel via house sitting.
​6:52  What is house sitting, what are the benefits and how to use the platform to make find a good house sit or find house sitters?
13:50 The challenges of getting a house sitting gig
17:07 Their first house sit experience in Utah
20:20 The places they have house sat
28:08 The vegan food scene in Madrid
36:02 Saving money with La Menu Del Dia

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