# 9 | Choosing group travel is a real vacation | Tina Atwell

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Show notes

On today’s episode, we’re talking with Tina Atwell. Tina is a World Vegan Travel repeat traveler. She’s traveled with us to Thailand, Rwanda and she will be coming with us to Botswana. She kindly agreed to come on the podcast and she talks about her experiences traveling with us as someone who had not been to Asia before. She explains why she likes group travel and more than that, group travel with vegans.


2:42 Why did Tina come on a vegan group tour.
4:55 Why Tina wanted to go to Thailand
6:20 How nonvegans felt on the Thailand trip
8:38 Why it’s nice to travel with other vegans
9:10 Highlights of her trips so far especially her increased awareness for street dogs and elephants
15:43 Tina’s chimpanzee experience – She made it!
16:40 How group camaraderie can help us keep going + porters helping us.
19:00 Tina excitement for Botswana
20:55 Tina’s packing tips

Places we talk about

Being a flight volunteer for dogs with Soi Dogs
Animal Rescue Organizations in Thailand – This blog post has a lot of organizations that need flight volunteers for cats and dogs.

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