#3 | Tips on Travelling With Your Vegan Children | Angelica Renee

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Show Notes

On today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Angélica. Angélica is passionate about combining luxury and comfort with compassion and responsible actions.
As the founder ofGreen Luxury Living, she blogs about living green in style, inspiring women to take action to make the world a better place, while embracing a lifestyle that brings them true joy and fulfillment.
When she is not learning about green practices or sharing her findings on her blog, you can find her at the park playing with her son, planning her family’s next getaway, sipping fair trade organic coffee or enjoying a delicious treat at a local vegan shop.
Angélica lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, son and three furry babies.

Angélica will be sharing her experiences of traveling with her husband and son in Paris, her favorite restaurants and some tips and tricks for traveling with her family.Angélica has kindly put together a freebie calledFREE Eco-Friendly Kids’ Packing List (Ages 4-7), with lots of tips and recommendations on what to pack (or not) when going abroad with kids in tow! Please take a look at the show notes for the link to get your hands on this!
​FREE DOWNLOAD from Angélica:  FREE Eco-Friendly Kids’ Packing List (Ages 4-7


3:48 Intro to Angélica and her work and mission
5:05 Angélica’s exotic background
6:00 Angélica’s vegan story
8:00 Tips to travel with young children
11:55 Getting around London and things to see with children
12:50 Angélica’s family’s big scare on arriving in Paris
17:46 Things Angélica did in Paris with her family
21:22 Vegan karma looked after the World Vegan Travel Team
24:42 Favourite restaurant in Paris – Ethiopian: A good standby in a pinch
24:54 Emergency snack ideas for kids when traveling

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