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Show Notes

On today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Donna from Green Earth Travel. Donna is a veteran travel agent and for many years was the only vegan travel agent in the world. Donna has seen the vegan travel and food industry explode from the slim pickings of sauerkraut for several days in a row in Southern Germany to the rise of the vegan hotel. Donna shares the story about her career as a vegan travel agent, why you should consider using the services of a travel agent and the importance of travel insurance. Donna also dispels myths about hiring a travel agent. Spoiler alert, travel agents do not make your holiday more expensive!


3:30 How Green Earth Travel started
8:15 The vegan travel scene in the 80s
11:25 What does a travel agent do?
20:59 Why travel insurance is an essential expense and what to be aware of
29:20 Myths about travel agents

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