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S4 Ep 1 | Vegan Literature, Travel and Creativity | Midge Raymond

Introducing Midge Raymond from Ashland Creek Press

Today, we’ll be talking to Midge Raymond who is a writer, educator, and owner of Ashland Creek Press, a publishing house based in the town of Ashland, Oregon.  Midge and her husband founded Ashland Creek Press in 2011 and have been publishing environmental and animal literature ever since. Widely traveled and much inspired by these travels, her publishing company published Writing for Animals. A unique anthology of articles and essays to inspire animal-themed creative writing and Midge and her husband also run classes online and self-paced Writing for Animals classes for those writers who are looking to represent animals in their writing.  Midge will be publishing the third volume of short fiction in their Among Animals series in April, a collection of short stories that affirm the indelible bond between humans and animals.

I absolutely loved speaking with Midge about her work and her travels. We talk about her amazing travels – including volunteering and helping researchers in Antarctica, how she uses travel to get ideas of what to write, and how travel might inspire you to be more creative.


  • 00:49 Intro, podcast and travel updates and Tuscany info
  • 12:11 Intro on Midge Raymond and her publishing house
  • 18:24 Antarctica and counting penguins
  • 23:40 Exploring Creativity
  • 32:03 Travel, activism and creativity
  • 37:18. Bonus: Reasons to go to Ashland, Oregon
A woman squatting down on the group wearing a coat, hat and sunglasses (it looks cold). The woman is looking at a penguin that is walking on the beach only two metres away.
Credit: Midge Raymond

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Woman with sunglasses looking at the camera. In the background is as mall penguin coming out of his burrow.
Credit: Midge Raymond
A woman holding a camera looking at a camera behind her at an Emperor Penguin on a pebbly beach. It looks very cold.
Credit: Midge Raymond

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