Sarah Vegan travel diaries leaning on wall laughing with hat and text S3 Ep 11 How to have some fun documenting your vegan travels |Sarah & Gianluca

S3 Ep 11 | How to have some fun documenting your vegan travels | Sarah & Gianluca

Introducing Sarah from Vegan Travel Diaries

In today’s episode, we talk with Sarah from Vegan Travel Diaries. Sarah and her partner Gianluca produce high-quality videos documenting their vegan travels. Their videos are similar to travel guides and have a friendly and personable style. I know you will love them as much as I do, and I encourage you to check them out on their youtube channel. We talk about how to have some fun documenting your vegan travels and all of the fun challenges that come with it. Sarah also speaks about her adventures as they embarked on a 12 months tour around the world and ended up stuck during the pandemic. We talk about our travels to Morocco and Italy. And I was particularly interested in hearing about her experience in Villa I Pini in Tuscany since one of our trips this summer will be staying there. I hope you will get inspired to have some fun documenting your own vegan travels after this episode.

Sara and Gianluca in Morroco


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