Top 4 French-Style Vegan Restaurants in Paris

Think you can’t experience French cuisine in Paris as a vegan? Fear not! Here are four restaurants in Paris that showcase French cuisine but are made vegan!

1. Le Potager du Marais

Le Potager du Marais is a French country-style restaurant that has been adapting traditional French cuisine to be vegan. The restaurant is considered a bridge between two cultures – it tries to combine the best of both. The ingredients are 100% vegan and freshly prepared. The signature dishes of the restaurant are the amazing ‘boeuf Bourguignon’, the French-style onion soup, and ending with creme brulee for dessert.

The restaurant is located at 24 rue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris France. Since Le Potager du Marais is always crowded, it is recommended that you book the table before you turn up. We don’t want you to be disappointed!

You can find more information about the restaurant here.

​2. VG Patisserie and Cloud Cakes

If you are a big fan of patisserie, then VG Patisserie and Cloud Cakes are two must-go destinations on your trip to Paris.

​These vegan bakeries were opened in the spring of 2017. When you walk in, it is like entering sweet heaven with all kinds of vegan desserts, from macaroons to tarts, flan to croissants, brioche to mini cakes – authentically French and all-vegan.

Cloud Cakes: 6 rue Mandar 75002 Paris
VG Patisserie: 123 boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris

This video is an amazing vegan food diary at VG Patisserie and Cloud Cakes from A Year of Vegan Eats.

​3. brEAThe: 

brEAThe is a newly open restaurant in September 2018 with the style of a former 19th-century teahouse. brEAThe Restaurant is a cozy and warm place, and you feel at home. It is was established with the mission to bring you the best culinary experiences but still protect the Earth and all its creatures. We would not neglect to mention the house seitan burger with barbecue & bourbon sauce/ homemade mayo with herbs and Homemade Brioche!

So, if you are in Paris, don’t forget to visit the restaurant at 16, rue Henry Monnier 75 009 PARIS

4. Potager de Charlotte ​

The story of Potager de Charlotte starts with the two brothers of the Valentin family. From the beginning, they expressed their desire to restore the image of plant-based cuisine. People coming to the restaurant have not only the chance to try a new epicurean and gourmet approach to vegan food but also receive a generous and warm-hearted service.

“This is a restaurant not to be missed. The presentation of each dish was only outdone by its flavor.” – said a customer

The restaurant is near Cadet metro station, also walkable from Gare du Nord. Make sure to note down the address and go by to try the famous Chocolate Baked Pear – each bite was fruity, chocolatey, and crunchy; or the Cacao Cream with an avocado twist.

​So, are there enough reasons for you to visit Paris? It just so happens we have just a couple of spots left for our two trips to Paris and Alsace in September and December.

* In full disclosure, World Vegan Travel does not own any of the listed products or companies and is not receiving any profit from the recommendation or purchase of these products.

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