#11 | Travelling Across Russia by Train | Wendy, The Nomadic Vegan

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On today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Wendy Werneth who will be sharing her recent experience of one of the world’s epic train rides, the Transiberian Railway throughout Russia. She explains why and how she decided to do this train ride as well and of course answer the questions we all want to know; was there anything to eat on this train? Wendy creates fantastic content which you will certainly be inspired by.

Credit: The Nomadic Vegan


4:10 What is Nomadic Vegan about? What’s Wendy’s vision?
7:38 Summary of Wendy’s trip.
9:00 Why Wendy wanted to travel to Russia and why she didn’t do it earlier (hint: Russian visas are hard to get)
11:00 What were Wendy’s preconceptions about Russia?
16:00 Wendy discusses the Trans Siberian Express journey: tickets, classes of train and food available and ideas for food.
26:10 Overnight trains generally! We love them!
32:40 Information about the Great Baikal Lake in Siberia
37:00 Was it all worth it to travel here as a vegan?
41:26 Georgian cuisine (very vegan friendly)
Credit: Wendy Werneth

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  1. Amanda

    I am loving your podcasts. They have provided great vegan travel resources. Thank you for the great show notes! For travel good to go meals ( have some great vegan dehydrated options. My favorite is the Mushroom Risotto. I pack a few incase I end up somewhere with few vegan options. They would be great on a long train ride! Thanks again for providing these wonderful podcasts.

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