# 8 |  What a Digital Nomad Lifestyle Is Like?  | Nicole Abramowski

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Show notes

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Nicole from the vegan travel Nicole has been living outside of her country of birth since college and has studied abroad in the UK, taught English in Prague, and now works as a freelancer in the digital marketing field, which allows her the freedom to travel the world while working remotely. Nicole goes over how she got started with the digital nomad lifestyle and also talks about the pros and cons to this lifestyle, which is often viewed entirely through rose-colored glasses. You won’t want to miss what Nicole has to say about this topic.


2:46 What Nicole does as a digital nomad
4:40 Pros and cons of being location independent
8:35 How Nicole ended up in Berlin as an American
13:12 How to get started as a digital nomad
14:55 Where Nicole has travelled as a digital nomad
19:15 Time management
21:20 Logistical challenges as a digital nomad
24:08 Nicole discusses Vegan Nom Noms

Places and Resources we talk about

Digital Nomad Girls an awesome group for female-identifying digital nomads and wannabes created by a friend who did a chemistry PhD and then figured out how to go remote.
Female Digital Nomads a platform for queer women digital nomads.
For queer women digital nomads Nicole also runs a free online Facebook community where she’s met a lot of her nomad friends:
Nicole recommends searching Facebook or Meetup for “digital nomad” + “city name” or checking out your local co-working spaces to find people who are already digital nomads.
Nicole has written a blog post on her journey to being a nomad and how she did it.
7 in 7 Conference
Berlin Vegan guide

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