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S3 Ep 7 | Pandemic Travel | Candy Tolentino

Introducing Candy Tolentino

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Candy Tolentino who runs some vacation rentals in Salt Lake City and soon also in Bali too. Candy is a dear friend of mine and as you will tell, she has the most wonderful zest for life and a beautiful heart and I know you are just going to love hearing what she has to say. So what will we be talking about? We’ll be discussing pandemic travel! Candy has done quite a bit of pandemic travel in the last few months and for those that follow World Vegan Travel closely, you will know that we just got back from running our first trip in nearly two years to Tuscany so we discuss what pandemic travel is like from all angles. Financial, logistical, and health. We hope you enjoy our conversation!


A cenote in Mexico. The sun is beaming through. A man is standing close to the sunbeam wearing a swimming suit. The cavern is very large.
Several long tail boats anchored at a beautiful Thai beach. There are some people swimming around the boats and cliffs in the background. The text: Learn about our vegan tours to Thailand.

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A small cove with cliffs on either side. The photo is taken from one of the cliffs. The water is many shades of blue and there are palm trees.

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A man and a woman on a plane. The woman is wearing a mask with the words Good Vibes on it. The man has a facemask over his chin. He is smiling.

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