Vegan Travel Destinations: Where Should You Go Next?

The brilliance of travel is that you can let yourself relax in amazing parts of the world, and forget your troublesome worries for the time being. Unfortunately, some people fear that eating vegan while traveling might be difficult. But fear not, Word Vegan Travel has you covered with a list of places that are not only vegan all-inclusive, they also share the most inspiring cultures!

1. France

If you enjoy the sweeter side of life, France is for you. Known for its pleasant atmosphere and the ooh-la-la of it all, this destination is perfect for those wishing to experience the heart of a lavish city or a calming country.

Leave your troubles behind as you galavant through a world of whimsicality. French cities were inspired by thousands of years worth of art, history, and romance, so you’ll be sure to spend hours being inspired by creativity and knowledge. Don’t worry, there are plenty of vegan vacation places that welcome vegan lifestyle choices and work to complement your vegan food needs.

Even the most remote areas have a sense of grandeur, as around every corner is a new cafe or market just begging to quench your innermost desires, and never has it been so easy to visit vegan-friendly places either. Imagine the most innovative vegan cuisine made to fit your exact needs and satisfy even the hardest-to-please taste buds. Whether it’s a quick stop at Vegan Folie’s for a daily-changing desert of your choosing, or a classic French spread at Sol Semilla, nothing is as sweet or simple as France. You are even able to treat yourself to a full day of worry-free vegan fun as you wander the grounds of the Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly hotel/restaurant La Maison du Vert.

Did you know that there are even special events held to support the vegan cause? Take part in the annual VeggieWorld event and support local restaurant owners through a vegan food tour as they sell their cruelty-free vegan products in street markets, or participate in the trade fair to discover new vegan-friendly merchandise. There are even fitness classes, conferences and so much more centered around the veganism lifestyle you can sign up for and are perfect for a day out.

Need a break? France holds a host of health and beauty retreats sure to put you in the most relaxed mood. Spend a couple of days at Hridaya Yoga, and practice the art of yoga or meditation, while surrounded by the quiet Alpes mountains. Or, simply rejuvenate amongst the rolling hills of South West France at Under The Lime Tree’s spa B&B. And of course, accommodations include top vegan lifestyle food and treatment.

Expect to fall in love with quaint village life and the thriving city as you experience the wonders that France has to offer!

2. Thailand

Known as the Land of Smiles, Thailand holds the best opportunities to meet new people. So if you’re looking for a friendly atmosphere with people who respect your vegan lifestyle decision, visit Thailand! 
A food lover’s haven, Thailand has an exquisite knack for using flavor and spices, even for vegans, and plant-based substitutes. Did we mention that the Chiang Night Market stays open late and hosts several stalls equipped to handle all your late-night vegan munchie or shopping needs? But fear not, there is also a wide market of vegan meal options for much earlier in the day, as well. I mean, with a business name like Pure Vegan Heaven, how can you go wrong?
Of course, it’s not just the vegan food in the city that brings people to this beautiful country, Thailand also has quite a number of beaches with high-ranking cuisine, as well. Whether you’re visiting one to relax for the day, or taking a hike through the cliffs of Railay Beach there are countless places to enjoy. Thailand even dedicated Koh Phangan island to providing the best vegan-friendly environment and hosts a variety of local cafes and resorts.
For animal lovers, Thailand hosts several wildlife sanctuaries dedicated to preserving the life of its animals and providing a safe, but the free, environment for them. The Wildlife Friends Foundation helps elephants, owls, baboons, and so many more animals.

Most humbling, Thailand values its people’s most common religion of Buddhism and has several temples such as Wat Pha Sorn Kaew or Wat Rong Kuhn once dedicated to the freedom to pursue it. These temples, as well as countless other architectural finds amongst the country, is quite striking. Similar to their religious views, history is also highly valued in the country.  The community surrounding Thailand is incredible and makes anyone who visits feel like they belong there.

Experience the epitome of spirit in the bright, thriving cities as you meander through, but also take moments to strengthen your health and mind. If this sounds like a vegan dream to you, Thailand is always welcoming!

3. Vietnam

In passing centuries. Vietnam has become a thriving country full of rich cultures. Filled with both natural beauty, and man-made wonders, Vietnam has plenty of places to explore.

Fall in love with the impressive scenery in the cities filled with cobblestone streets and angled architecture, not to mention the collection of statues crowded amongst the country. You’ll be even more awe-inspired at how large the memorial monument is!

Learn about the countries rich history and find endless places to explore that are guaranteed to amaze everyone you’re traveling with. Due to their vast collection of transportation opportunities, such as trains and busses, it’s also incredibly easy to travel across the country and visit these anywhere you want to go.

The Vietnamese also value their health highly, and in turn, have enough options for food to make a vegan lover go into a food coma. Fun fact: many Asians are lactose intolerant, and so their food often lacks dairy products. That’s one less vegan concern for you. What’s even more convenient, the phrase “ăn chay” has roughly the same meaning as being vegetarian. Of course, these tips are not a guarantee for all restaurants in the area, so make sure to clarify that it also lacks fish sauce, dairy, or any other non-vegan product. Similarly, some other tasty vegan options include popular places like Bong SungHum, or U’u Dam Chay.

There are also great events for vegans to attend during the year, such as the Saigon Vegan Festival. This organization aims to host a variety of vegan-friendly taste tests, meetings and generally provides information for healthier lifestyles.

Vietnam is the perfect place to explore a thriving culture and experience beautiful scenery. Take part in shopping, exquisitely vegan food, and the diverse population who show their love of life.

4. Rwanda

If you enjoy meeting new people and being part of a community, or even just being able to relax in the breeze, Rwanda is a wonderful place to visit. Oh, and of course they have plenty of vegan options for you to enjoy as you explore!

The rapidly growing tourist destination has come a long way from its mid 90’s government-sponsored genocide. The east-central country is enveloped in a long history but determined to mark itself as a land of stunning forestry and a haven for wildlife.

Rwanda hosts a beacon for animal sanctuaries. Whether you’re visiting to support the mountain gorillas at Volcanoes National Park or to experience animal safaris that are non-intrusive to the animals in their natural habitats, Rwanda is a great place to travel. For more information on the nation’s wildlife opportunities, the African Wildlife Foundation shares a variety of events that can help you see some of the world’s most amazing creatures or take part in stopping deforestation and animal poaching.

With such a loving homeland to animals, Rwanda also has a growing vegan-based community. Stop by Shokola Cafe for a variety of tasty vegan options, or spend the evening being entertained at Bamboo Rooftop Restaurant as you listen to live music or take part in many of the other events they host. More vegan-friendly locations are constantly popping up, so be sure to check in for more vegan recommendations.

Learn all about the country’s thriving communities and feel a part of thousands of years worth of traditions and heritage. Rwanda is known for being friendly, but protective of their loving communities, so their atmosphere is respectfully inclusive. Get back in touch with nature as Rwanda helps you find adventure, agricultural life and enjoy plenty of vegan-inspired meal choices!

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