Warm Vegan Travel Destinations for 2019

Perhaps one of the reasons you would like to travel during January is actually to escape harsh winter temperatures and not to embrace them. If you consider yourself a “snowbird” of sorts, then this article is for you.

We have devised a list of destinations that have a good climate during January and are cheaper to visit than other places.

A: Aguas Calientes, Peru

Also known as Machupicchu Pueblo, located in the Cusco Region of Peru.  It has a tundra climate with temperatures in January averaging  81°F / 27°C.

Places to visit:
Aguas Calientes is a place with rich geography to enjoy. There are many places to visit. Among them we suggest:
1: Machu Picchu
2: Los Jardines de Mandor

B: Byron Bay

Are you in the mood for a relaxing vacation of beachgoing? Byron Bay is perfect for you then!  It has a humid subtropical climate with temperatures in January averaging 82°F / 28°C.

Places to visit:
Besides the beaches we recommend you go to:
1: Mt. Warning
2: Nightcap National Park

C: Chiang Mai

This is the largest city in northern Thailand. It carries the title of UNESCO Creative City, which are cities that prioritize creativity in their urban development. It also made TripAdvisor’s list of “25 Best Destinations in the World” in 2014. It has a  tropical savanna climate with temperatures in January averaging 86°F / 30°C.

Places to visit:
1: Wat Phra That Doi Suthep: one of northern Thailand’s most sacred temples
2: Chiang Mai’s market: You will be dazzled with the myriad of local crafts and herbs offered.

D: Da Nang

This city is Vietnam’s fifth-largest city.  It has a tropical climate with temperatures in January averaging  81°F / 25°C.

Places to visit:

1: Marble Mountains
2: Golden Bridge

E: Edinburgh

The capital city of Scotland. It has a temperate, maritime climate which is relatively mild despite its northerly latitude.7.0. It has averaging temperatures of 44°F / 8°C in January.

Places to visit:
1: Edinburgh Castle
2: Loch Ness

F: Florence

The capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany. It has been ranked as one of the top world fashion capitals. It has a humid subtropical climate with temperatures in January averaging  52°F / 11°C.

Places to visit:
1: Explore the city and its squares
2: Go beyond the city walls to explore the town of Fiesole

G: Gran Canaria

This is the second most populous of the Canary Islands. It is known for its beautiful beaches and landscapes from different biospheres (the island is considered a small continent). It has a humid subtropical oceanic climate with temperatures in January averaging  65°F / 18°C.

Places to visit:
1: Cueva Pintada Museum & Archaeological Park
2: Archaeological Site in Gáldar

H: Hawaii

It is the northernmost island group in Polynesia, occupying most of an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean. It has four types of climate: tropical, arid, temperate, and polar. During January,  the temperature average is 80°F / 27°C.

Places to visit:
Hawaii is an amazing place full of natural beauty. It was difficult to pick just two activities for article purposes but we leave you with this mindblowing list Atlas Obscura made.

I: Istanbul

Historically known as Byzantium and before 1924 as Constantinople, Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey. It has a transitional Mediterranean climate with temperatures in January averaging  48°F / 38°C.

Places to visit:
Markets: Grand Bazaar, Spice Market
Hagia Sophia: Church, mosque, and now museum, the Hagia Sophia host tours so visitors can experience for themselves why this building is regarded among the most beautiful buildings of earth.

J: Jaipur (India)

Jaipur is the capital and the largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan in Northern India. It has a semi-arid climate with temperatures in January averaging  73°F / 47°C.

Places to visit:
Amer Fort
Hawa Mahal PalaceWe recommends reading this article about Jaipur which explains how it has become an artsy destination to visit and other suggestions.

K: Key West

Key West is an island located in the straits of Florida, USA. It has a warm, subtropical climate, and the temperature in January averages 75°F / 23 °C.

Places to visit:
1: Spend the day at the beach
2: Go to the Ernest Hemingway Museum ​

L: Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. It has a Mediterranean climate which is characterized by rainy winters and dry summers. The temperature in January averages 59°F / 15°C.

Places to visit:
Alabama: the old part of the city. Quintessential Lisbon at its best.
Museums: Lisbon has lots of interesting museums with beautiful architecture. Choose one that displays something of your interest and go!

M: Munich

The capital of the German state of Bavaria. It has two climates: humid continental climate and oceanic climate. Its coolest month is January with temperatures averaging from  38°F / 3°C

Places to visit:
Marienplatz: Central square
Hofbräuhaus am Platzl: state owned city hall.

O: Oslo

Oslo is Norway’s capital and its located on its southern coast. It’s considered a “global city” which means it is key to international commerce and economy. It has a humid continental climate with temperatures in January averaging  32°F / 0°C.

Places to visit:
Vigeland Sculpture Park
Viking Ship Museum

P: Prague

“Mother of cities” also nicknamed “the city of a hundred spires”, the capital of the Czech Republic is a city full of amazing (and spikey) architectonic landmarks that have stood through history. It has a moderate continental climate with temperatures in January averaging  36°F / 2°C.

Places to visit:
Old City Square
Astronomical Clock: Oldest working astronomical clock in the world
Prague is regarded as one of the top ten vegan-friendly cities in the world so be sure to indulge in some yummy vegan food!

Q: Quito (Ecuador)

The capital city of Ecuador with a subtropical highland climate and temperatures in January averaging  66°F / 18°C.

Places to visit:
Capilla del hombre: A monument /museum dedicated to mankind.
TeleferiQo: Watch the city from above and be amazed by its beauty!

R: Rwanda

Officially the Republic of Rwanda, this country sits in between Central and Eastern Africa in a highly elevated region with geography surrounded by mountains, savannahs, and lakes. It has a  tropical highland climate with temperatures in January averaging  68°F / 29°C.

Places to visit:
Nyungwe National Park
Lake Ihema
For a personalized experience, tailored for vegans and the vegan-curious,

S: Seville

Capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia, this city has the charm of its history showing at every corner. In mythology, Hercules is its founder so you may say that this is a place of herculean wonder. It has a  tropical highland climate with temperatures in January averaging  61°F / 16°C.

Places to visit:
Alcazar: Landmark Moorish palace
Catedral de Sevilla and Giralda: The largest gothic cathedral in the world

T: Tofino, Canada

Small district located on Vancouver Island, Canada. It has a temperate climate with temperatures in January averaging  46°F / 7°C. A place to retreat.

Places to visit:
Tofino is known as a surfing destination but there are other activities to do!
Rainforest Trail in Pacific Rim National Park
Tofino Botanical Gardens

U: Uruguay

Located in the southeastern region of South America this country ranks high in Latin America and South America for peace, democracy, low perception of corruption, global measures of personal rights, and it is also regarded as one of the most socially advanced countries hence The Economist dubbed it “Country of the Year” in 2013. It has a mild and fairly uniform climate nationwide with temperatures in January averaging  82°F / 28°C.

Places to visit:
Montevideo: Explore the capital city where you will find a blend o interesting art, architecture, history, and good wine.
Casapueblo: A completely stunning building made by artist Carlos Páez Vilaró without a blueprint, just following his creative muse.
Go hot-spring hopping

V: Venice

Being a mecca of commerce during the Middle Ages, an art and culture hub, this archipelago is worth visiting if you want to immerse yourself in this humanistic space. It has a humid subtropical climate with temperatures in January averaging  45°F / 7°C.

Places to visit:
Architectural landmarks such as Piazza San Marco and St. Mark’s Basilica
Go and visit Museums

W: Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, has sandy beaches, colorful timber houses, and an iconic red cable car. Strong winds give it the nickname of “Windy Wellington”.

Places to visit:
Wellington Botanical Garden: With over 26 hectares of landscapes, exotic plants, and floral displays, you might need to make this an all-day visit.
Zealandia: Go see the world’s first urban eco-sanctuary which hosts many of New Zealand’s most rare wildlife.

X: Xi’an

One of the oldest cities in China with a history dating back to 1369 which name means “Western Peace”. Since 1990 it has had an important revival becoming a center for space exploration, culture, and industry.  It has a continental monsoon climate with temperatures in January averaging  45 °F / 7°C.

Places to visit:
Terracotta Warriors: An army built for the afterlife.
Huashan Mountain: One of the five sacred Taoist mountains in China.
Xianglu Temple: Nestled at the cliff bank of the Yellow River it hosts religious sites and a phenomenal view of the aforementioned river.

Y: Yogyakarta

Regarded as an important center of arts, education, and culture this city, located on the island of Java has a lot to offer. It has a tropical wet and dry climate with temperatures in January averaging  88 °F / 31°C.

Places to visit:
Go temple hopping
Kalibiru National Park

Z: Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia known for its rich history. It has an oceanic climate closely bordering on a humid continental climate with temperatures in January averaging  37 °F / 3°C. This fact makes it the coldest destination on our list.

Places to visit:
1: Stroll around the “Upper Town”
2: Museum of Broken Relationships: Looking for something peculiar to do? Go to this quirky museum. It is “a museum about you, about us, about the ways we love and lose”.

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