Packing Your Bags for Winter Travel 2019

You have your ticket and are almost ready for your trip. Now it’s time to pack your bags although you don’t exactly know what to take with you. Do not be afraid! We will guide you through the process.


Think about the activities you’ll be doing. Will you be going to places where you need to dress up? Dinners? Meetings? Leisure time? Work? A mix of both? Hiking? Going out in nature or just strolling down the city? Thinking about your trip in terms of the activities you’ll be doing will help you address your clothing needs to tackle them easier. ​


Layering is essential in winter style. You want to be comfortable and warm no matter where you are so a layer gives you the option of putting on or taking off the cloth to achieve that comfort. With this system, if easy to go overboard and pack a ton of clothes plus, insulating coats and jackets are enormous. If you want to stay light during your vacations, inform yourself about different packing the methods we show below:​

Winter Essentials

Be prepared for winter weather. Your suitcase won’t be ready without adding some skincare essentials. Don’t forget lip balm and moisturizing cream for the face and body. You could also opt for solid shampoo and conditioner to avoid traveling with liquids.
Here are a few options for keeping your skin glowing despite the cold weather.

Insulated Clothes

Animal materials have been long used to keep humans warm for a very long time. Today, these materials are still used and often mixed with synthetic fabrics. Whenever you’re going to buy winter clothes, check the list of materials in the piece to find out whether it contains animal fabric or not. Some textiles that are not vegan are wool, alpaca, leather, down, and angora. Here is a list that mentions others. Always look for synthetic insulation because there’s a big possibility it will be vegan.

There are plenty of jacketshiking boots for men and women made with this technology and you will be warm and comfy. There are also many vegan materials that aid in insulation.

We would like to mention that if you already have items that are not necessary vegan don’t go crazy tossing those to buy some new vegan ones. You already have them and if they are in good condition the planet will give you loving thanks if you can avoid creating more trash, especially if it comes from an animal.

We hope these tips have been useful! Happy travels!

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