Why YOU Should Travel This Winter

Happy New Year! The holidays have passed, ​

leaving behind a clean slate to start 2019. January gifts the opportunity to focus on what we value, letting us foster healthy habits to help bring us one step closer to our goals. For us, travel has always been number one on our bucket list.

Most of us would rather fly somewhere warm to relax in the sun but why not enjoy the winter wonderland?

​Fluffy snow, ice-skating, warm drinks, cozy jackets, fireplaces… the list goes on.

​Nevertheless, if you need reasons why you should travel this winter, we could give you a few.

Cheaper flights

For budget travelers, this is a no-brainer. The more money you save, the more money you can spend on future travels. Embracing hibernation, many people avoid leaving their homes during the cold season. Consequently, plane ticket prices tend to drop.

If you’re a frequent flyer, you could collect those well-earned points and the trip cost can end up being a real bargain.

Peace and quiet

After the stress of the holidays, the last thing on everyone’s mind is traveling. 

Luckily, if you are someone who regularly avoids tourist spots due to crowds, this is the perfect traveling season for you. The average tourist will be at home in hibernation, leaving many popular destinations much quieter than usual.

January activities

Try participating in one of these activities happening in January.


Starting out as a small idea in the UK, Veganuary has taken the world by storm since its initial release in 2014. In a similar manner to meatless Mondays, Veganuary encourages people to try veganism for the month of January. The campaign has become trendier over the past few years and many restaurants are catching on. For example, in Las Vegas many restaurants are featuring vegan dishes. In Great Britain, it is also celebrated in a similar manner and food stores stock themselves with interesting vegan articles.


If you enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, or snowboarding this is the time of year for doing so!  Beautiful destinations await with cozy resorts where you can practice your favorite winter sport, relax and share with like-minded people.


In some places of the world, Christmas festivities end with New Year’s Eve but in Latin America and Spain, they celebrate Día de Reyes or Three Kings Day. This festivity plus the cold weather would make Spain a perfect destination. You could present the celebration and enjoy food, beautiful decor, and parades!

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This trip is still in the planning stage, but you can expect:

Scheduled for September 2025
100% vegan local French cuisine
stay in a château!
Visit castles and medieval villages
17,000 year-old prehistoric cave art
Visit & tasting at a Loire winery

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