9 Resolutions for Vegan Travellers in 2019

Close your eyes and think of the reason you became vegan.

You should fall into one of three categories: animal welfare, environmental sustainability or health benefits, maybe even a mixture of all three.

​Whatever your reasoning is, something about this lifestyle drew you in.

While there are many articles written on why going vegan should be your resolution, there isn’t a lot of information on what to do when you’re already vegan.

Hopefully, this article will help you challenge yourself with new habits in 2019.

1. Cook New Cuisines

Food is only as exciting as we allow ourselves to make it. Too often, we close ourselves off to the possibilities of mouth-watering dishes because we fall into the pit of normality and routine.

Studies have shown that eating diverse foods may actually be important to your overall health because it contributes to a healthy gut microbiome. I’m sure we know the importance of having a healthy microbiome, especially after a long course of antibiotics.

Cooking new cuisines also helps introduce you to new restaurants!
Sometimes, as vegans, we limit ourselves to only eating at restaurants we’ve been to before because we’re just not sure what we can order at non-vegan restaurants.

Although, once you’ve experimented in the kitchen, you’ll open yourself up to a plethora of new cuisines & restaurants from all over the world.
You also gain the knowledge of contemporary ingredients and acquire a sense of how to incorporate those ingredients into your meals.Try booking an immersive vegan food getaway to help reignite your passion for flavor this year.

2. Participate in Activism

If you are passionate about animal rights, you have most likely come across the internal dilemma of wanting to help but not knowing how to start.
An amazing way to counter these feelings is to get involved within the ever-growing community of animal activists.

Activism is something that is bigger than yourself, which brings many a sense of fulfillment. Whether you’re creating online content, participating in your local animal rights organization, volunteering at an animal sanctuary, or creating a vegan business, all activism is important.

If you can’t find any animal rights group in your area, take the initiative to create one!

Even small acts like these help plant seeds and spread the message of compassion.

3. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes, facing discomfort is the only way we can grow, and studies prove it! The sensation is called optimal anxiety, and it states that a certain amount of anxiety can actually help us improve our performance.

This year, think of five activities you’ve always wanted to try but have been put off due to fear. It doesn’t have to be something as intense as skydiving. Maybe you’ve always had your eye on a certain dance class but have been afraid of judgment. Maybe you have always wanted to start a band but you’re afraid that no one will want to join. Maybe you feel you deserve a raise but the thought of rejection makes your knees cave in.

Whatever it is, we all push away things we love because of some sort of anxiety. Breaking down self-imposed boundaries builds confidence, helping you live a life that is fueled by passion rather than fear.

4. Support Vegan Companies

In most cases, vegan businesses owners have a strong sense of purpose. They dedicate their lives towards making the world a better place for humans, animals and the earth itself.

​By supporting vegan businesses (small or large), you help make cruelty-free options more accessible to everyone. Whether it be restauraunts, cafes, hair salons, body products, makeup, bath-bombs, tour groups, or clothing, vegan businesses are popping up everywhere!

5. Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

Only about 9% of plastics produced actually end up getting recycled.
Even for those who recycle, only 51% of items put inside the recycling bins actually get reclaimed.

At the end of the day, recycling is simply a product of supply and demand. It’s a business. Recyclables are collected, sorted and put up for sale. The problem is, if no one buys it, it won’t get reused.

We can do our part by buying less plastic and opting for greener alternatives. Using reusable containers, produce bags, shopping bags, and shopping in the bulk section are all great ways to reduce. Avoiding pre-packaged processed foods not only helps the environment but also benefits your health.

6. Visit an Animal Sanctuary

There is no better way to connect with your cause than meeting the faces of the movement. Seeing these beautiful creatures is a humbling, often tear-jerking, experience.

Most animal sanctuaries offer visitors a volunteer exchange to spend time getting up close and personal with the animals.  Leaving the sanctuary will fill you with a new passion for your cause.

7. Find Community

Humans inherently want to “fit in” and be apart of their surroundings. It’s at the core of our being, falling right after “needs of safety” on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. We feel psychological discomfort when we aren’t connected to other people because we evolved in groups.  It is something that has enabled us to survive and thrive as a species.
No matter what stage of life you’re in, finding community brings a sense of belonging.

Luckily as vegans, we have many opportunities to find this kind of community. Animal rights organizations are a great place to start and meet like-minded individuals.

8. Celebrate the Small Victories

Whether it be veganism or your personal life, humans have a tendency to focus on the bad more often than good. It’s not exactly a surprise why we do this. It’s easy to get caught up in all the bad when it’s the only thing being conveyed through media. Although unfortunate situations still exists, allow yourself to relish in the achievements of yourself or your community this year.

Mourn when things look bleak, but rejoice when a victory presents itself, no matter how small the victory may be.

The film Vegan 2018, by Plant Based News, covers all of the amazing progressions we are making within the vegan movement for this year and is great to watch when you feel hopeless.

9. Book a Vegan Vacation

Going on a vegan tour will not only be a memorable experience, it will also help you achieve the other eight resolutions above!

You will visit sanctuaries, make meaningful connections, learn to cook new cuisines (if you take a cooking class), and will be supporting a vegan company.    You’ll even be minimizing your plastic use through initiatives that the founders practice!

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