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S 4 Ep 5 | My Adventures in Vegan Travel Blogging | Rebecca Gade Sawicki

Introducing Rebecca Gade Sawicki

In today’s episode, we will be talking with Rebecca Gade-Sawicki a Travel Blogger & Consultant. Rebecca totally pivoted during the pandemic and decided to pursue her passion, writing, a vegan lifestyle specifically travel) into birthing and nurturing a vegan travel blog! Now, if you are a long time listener to the show, you will know that we have had a number of different vegan travel bloggers on the show, but this episode is a little different because Rebecca is going to run us through the realities of growing a blog and specifically a vegan travel blog. So, if you have ever thought about setting up a travel blog for fun or as a job, you will want to listen to Rebecca’s insights. Rebecca is very transparent and she is also keen to answer questions you might have about blogging, so make sure you connect with her.


  • 06:29 Introducing Rebecca
  • 10:39 How Veggies Abroad started
  • 12:32 First steps
  • 15:12 The benefits of using a blog instead of a guidebook
  • 16:54 Next steps
  • 19:38 The benefits of blogging for your portfolio
  • 21:50 Qualities of a blogger
  • 29:58 Costs of setting up a blog
  • 37:19 Day in the life of a vegan travel blogger

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