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S3 Ep 9 | Aruba – A hidden vegan’s paradise | Meredith Marin

Introducing Meredith Marin

Discover the beautiful vegan paradise of Aruba

Today, we’ll be talking with Meredith Marin a vegan entrepreneur with several businesses, one of which is located on the island of Aruba. Aruba is just a quick flight from Florida. We discover how Aruba is truly a hidden vegan paradise.

We find out more about Aruba, its history, its people, its animals, its beaches, its activities, its national parks, and how truly vegan-friendly the island of Aruba is. Meredith and I talk about our experiences of working with restaurants and hotels interested in catering to the growing vegan hospitality market, and how all vegans are also consultants in their own right.  Learn how you can play your part as a vegan to the vegan community when you are eating out.

Meredith will be sharing her favorite vegan restaurants, hotels, and tours on this hidden vegan’s paradise and some of the typical local dishes.  We will also talk about some of the work she has done and is still doing to veganize local businesses.

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  • 1:52 World Vegan Travel updates
  • 2:36 World Travel Summit 2022
  • 6:15 Introducing Meredith
  • 7:37 Vegan consulting with hotels & restaurants
  • 13:44 All about Aruba!
  • 17:07 How Aruba is largely vaccinated & safe!
  • 18:42 All the beaches and things to do and see
  • 22:09 Start experiencing Aruba with water sports
  • 23:17 Other activities and tours not to miss!
  • 24:09 Vegan friendly accommodations
  • 26:37 Vegan friendly restaurants in Aruba
  • 36:54 How to access Aruba
  • 38:33 How to support and where to find local vendors in Aruba
  • 39:49 What is typical Aruban cuisine and speciality local dishes
  • 41:43 How to find Meredith and the vegan training program
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