Six Sweet Snack Recipes to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth While Traveling

In our most recent post, we shared some savory recipes that you can prepare the next time your fly. Now, do you think we would miss addressing your sweet needs? Absolutely not!

Because you are traveling, you might want to be alert and focused. If so, be very mindful when choosing the ingredients you will use to make your snacks. While processed sugar will give you a boost, it will be followed by a crash.  Another reason to avoid processed sugar is that many, many companies use bone-char in their products making them non-vegan. Some sweeteners you could try are coconut sugar, agave, maple syrup, maple sugar, and yacon syrup.

If you wish to include superfoods in your snacks you can try acai berries, cacao, chia seeds, berries, camu berries, flaxseed, goldenberries, goji berries, hemp seeds, maca, and mulberries.

Here are six recipes for sweet snacks to get you on the right track:
1: Mini Crunch Bars by Oh She Glows!
2: Triple Almond Energy Balls by Oh She Glows!
3: Cinnamon Buckwheat Crispies by Oh She Glows!
4: One Bite Cookie N’ Fudge Cups by Oh She Glows!
5: Pumpkin Pie Truffles by Vegan Richa
6: Peanut Butter Balls by Vegan Richa

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