A picture of Chris Tucker eating a stack of pancakes. Text: LA Neighbourhoods to discover.

S3 Ep 4 | Best LA Neighborhoods | Chris Tucker

Introducing Chris Tucker

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Chris Tucker from Betta with Butta. Chris is a long-term Los Angeles resident who operates a mail-order vegan bakery that sends beautifully created boxes of vegan baked goods all over the US. 

A cooling rack with vegan cinnamon roll. Some of the rolls have frosting. There are some jars of gingerbread cookie spread. Everything is beautifully presented and arranged.

In this episode, we are going to be talking about different neighborhoods in LA. We did something a little bit similar a couple of episodes back with Tim Attucks and Donna Zeigfinger in episode 2.  We talked about the different neighborhoods in Washington DC including not only the best vegan eats in each neighborhood but the best places to stay and the attractions there. 

If you are heading to LA anytime soon or you know someone who is, then take a listen, take a look at the show notes, and start making plans for your next visit to LA.


  • 6:34 Chris’ LA story
  • 8:17 Chris’ business – Betta with Butta
  • 11:10 Great American bake-off
  • 19:14 West Hollywood
  • 25:05 Beach Side
  • 29:02 Silverlake
  • 34:58 Pasadena
  • 36:52 The Valley

Learn more about what we talk about

West Hollywood 

A picture of LA overlooking downtown

Beach day

Picture of LA beach
A drone photo of Venice at sunset with the text: Learn about our vegan tours to Italy.
The Valley

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