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Accidentally Vegan Dishes to order on your trip to Greece | Pelagia Komni / The Greek Appetite | Ep 76

Introducing Pelagia Komni

I am so pleased to introduce you to Pelagia. Pelagia is a vegan lifestyle coach, a trained vegan Chef, recipe creator, and the Co-Founder of Greek Appetite, a blog about Greece & Veganism and most importantly for our podcast episode, she is Greek.

She offers private coaching to help vegan foodies create balanced vegan meals, and introduce variety to their weekly meals. She supports newbies & curious foodies who want to experiment with easy, quick, and delicious plant-based recipes for health, and wellness, or other reasons.

Along with her sister, Mary, they have created a community across social media and their newsletter of over 6,300 foodies interested in discovering and enjoying the vegan lifestyle with a Greek twist. Their cookbook “Eat Like A Greek Vegan” provides authentic Greek vegan/veganized recipes, which are easy, tasty, and healthy! She also has lots of tips & secrets about cooking, zero waste, kitchen organization, meal planning, and prep. Together, they have been featured in the online magazine Elle (ELLE À TABLE) and on Greek national TV.

A Greek living in Brussels, Belgium, Pelagia is an expert in vegan recipes & cooking, Greek cuisine, and the vegan lifestyle.

Today she will be taking us on a virtual tour of Greece, introducing you to Greek food and sharing some secrets about Greek food. Once you understand these secrets you are going to be able to navigate Greece and enjoy this beautiful country!

A drone picture looking down on to Venice with the Text: Learn more about our vegan tours

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Pelagia does in the vegan space
  • The principles of Greek food
  • Things to watch out for when traveling to Greece as a vegan
  • The Blue Zones of Greece – spoiler, they eat pretty much a plant-based vegan diet
  • New vegan ingredients you might not know about
  • How to order in Greek restaurants
Digital Greek Vegan cookbook
Credit: Pelagia

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Connect with Pelagia

Vegan cookbook by Pelagia available  in English, Greek and French translation
Credit: Pelagia

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