S3 Ep 1 | Ethical Wildlife Photography | Jennifer Hadley

Introducing Jennifer Hadley

Jennifer Hadley is a vegan wildlife photographer and she takes incredible photos of animals. In this episode, we will be talking about wildlife photography, how you can get started, how to take images ethically, and also the reality behind wildlife photography.

Two hippos with only their eyes and nostrils out of the water.
Credit: Jennifer Hadley


  • 0:50 Welcome to Season 3!
  • 1:35 WVT news
  • 3:39 Let’s talk about our Botswana trip
  • 8:51 How we met Jennifer
  • 10:57 Jennifer’s background
  • 12:10 Jennifer is coming to Botswana!
  • 15:41 How Jennifer got so good at photography
  • 17:58 Tips for taking photos
  • 27:31 Ethical Photography
  • 34:30 Taking photos during covid
  • 38:39 Is it glamorous?
An elephant reaching up on in to the branches with his trunk. He is surrounded by trees
photo credit : Jennifer Hadley

Connect with Jennifer

A close up of a wild baby gorilla looking top right.
Photo credit Jennifer Hadley
A picture of a silverback gorilla the wild. Text: Learn about our vegan tours to Rwanda.

Learn more about Botswana’s National Parks here

Waiting List

BOTSWANA SAFARI ADVENTURE with acclaimed wildlife photographer Jennifer Hadley


29 Oct – 6 Nov, 2024
9 Days, 8 Nights
Group size: max 21
Remote luxurious safari lodges
Our very own wildlife photographer!
Safari activities on land & water

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