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Understanding Your Fellow Travelers: Insights from our Traveler Data Analysis

Travel is an industry that attracts people from all walks of life, with travelers coming in different shapes, sizes, and demographics. To succeed in the travel business, it’s crucial to understand who our travelers are and what drives them to travel. By analyzing our traveler data, we’ve gained valuable insights into the demographics, travel preferences, and dietary preferences of our travelers.

In 2022, we took a total of 87 travelers on 6 trips to 4 different countries (Rwanda, Italy, Botswana and South Africa) a few less than in 2019 – but pretty good considering this was the first year out of the worst of the pandemic.

We discovered that 26% of our travelers travel solo, while 58% traveled with a significant other. For those who prefer to travel with someone else, 16% choose to travel with a friend or family member. Additionally, we found that the average age of our travelers is 55, with our youngest traveler being 26 and our oldest being 71.

Interestingly, we also found that a majority of our travelers are vegan, with 91% adhering to a plant-based diet. Despite this, we have found that even non-vegan travelers can find a comfortable place on our trips, as we are open to accommodating a variety of dietary preferences – for example, offering vegan versions of the traditional foods using vegan meats.

Furthermore, our data showed that in 2022, 38% of our travelers had taken a trip with us in the past, while the remaining 62% were first-time travelers. This data is useful as it shows that we have a solid base of repeat travelers who are satisfied with our services and may be more likely to recommend us to their friends and family and shows potential travelers that we have a loyal following.

By understanding the needs and preferences of our travelers, we can design trips that are better suited to their interests and provide more tailored and personalized travel experiences. For example, we can offer solo travelers the option to share accommodations with other solo travelers to help reduce costs and provide a more social experience. We can also create itineraries that cater to couples or groups of friends, such as private tours or activities designed for two people. Additionally, we can provide non-vegan travelers with information about plant-based foods and ensure that there are options that will appeal to a variety of dietary preferences.

In conclusion, by analyzing traveler data, we’ve gained valuable insights that allow us to create travel experiences that are more enjoyable, personalized, and memorable for all our travelers. Understanding who our customers are and what drives them to travel is crucial for any travel business to succeed, and we will continue to listen to our travelers’ feedback and analyze our data to ensure that we continue to provide high-quality, personalized travel experiences that meet the needs of all our travelers. It also helps travelers who have never traveled with us before to understand who their travel companions might be.

An infographic showing the ages of our travelers, who they travel with and where they are from.

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